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03-12-2009, 08:37 PM
Serious questions to ponder...

After going 18-0 and then loosing the superbowl, would you really want your AFC championship ring to say 16-0 the perfect season?

Is it weird there are 3 letters in DAN and 3 Letters in GOD?

Is Bill Belichick the Devil?

Is Tom Brady the Anti-Christ?

Did you know that Tom Brady wears Dan Marino underoos?

Does the city of Boston suck, or is it just their football team?

Can someone show me where the @$%# New England is on a map? (I can show you Miami, San Diego, Buffalo, New York, Chicago, and numerous other places).

Can we get enough people in the next election to write in Dan Marino's name to get him elected President?

Shouldn't January the 14th be a national holiday for what happened on that date in 1973???

Can I claim Dolphins Fan as a tax write off?

Will Brett Farve stay retired?

And the biggest question of them all... IS DAN MARINO GOD? (HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

03-12-2009, 11:25 PM
If oranges were blue, would they still be called oranges?

Is midget-tossing cool, if the midget gets paid for it?

Do the crabs understand that RDS has made threats to cancel their sponsorship?

... The answers to these and other questions on the next episode of ...

Serious Questions to Ponder (echo...)