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What's Kickin dolfans? So it seems I am part of the Finheaven March Madness which I take as a honor so if you like what I write, votre for me. I am kind of in a helpless situation which reminds me of a situation my Maryland Terrapins are in. I might be able to squeek by in Roud 1 but I have CK waiting on deck; my Terps play California in Round 1 and should be able to take the Golden Bears but in Round 2 Memphis will smack them. if I get one vote against CK I will be flattered because for my money he is the best poster I have seen to date.

In the mood of bracketology I will continue the theme with my 16 player bracket for who I think the Dolphins will select with pick #25.

Here is my bracket (Seeds in Parenthesis)

[Round 1]

North Division

*Hakeem Nicks-Wide Receiver- North Carolina (1) vs.
Duke Robinson-Guard-Oklahoma(4)

*Connor Barwin-Outside Linebacker-Cincinnati (2) vs.
Tyson Jackson-Defensive End-LSU (3)

South Division

* Rey Maualuga-Inside Linebacker-USC (1) vs.
Max Unger-Center-Oregon (Round 4)

*Peria Jerry-Defensive Tackle-Mississippi (2) vs.
Evander Hood-Defensive Tackle-Missouri (3)

East Division

*Larry English-Outside Linebacker-Northern illinois (1) vs.
Alphonso Smith-Cornerback-Wake Forest (4)

*Darius Butler-Cornerback-Connecticut (2) vs.
Brandon Pettigrew-Tight End-Oklahoma State (3)

West Division

*Clay Matthews Jr.-Outside Linebacker (1) vs.
Clint Sintim-Outside Linebacker-Virginia (4)
*Sean Smith-Cornerback-Utah (2) vs.
Percy Harvin-Wide Receiver-Florida (4)

The players on the bubble who didn't make the dance were Darrius Heyward Bey-Wide Receiver-Maryland, DJ Moore-cornerback-Vanderbilt, and James Laurinaitis-Inside Linebacker-Ohio State .

[Round 1]
* Hakeem Nicks vs Duke Robinson

Hakeem Nicks is a complete receiver and when I say he is complete I mean that he has strong hands, is willing to block, runs well (4.44 forty), and runs precise routes which make his game speed even faster than his forty time. Hakeem Nicks would bring fire-power to an Offense who lacks that go-to guy. Nicks has the rare ability to take over a game which he flashed at the Meineke Car Care Bowl against West Virginia. The thing that I like most about Nicks is that he makes the little catches. I love a receiver who can make the big play but consistency in the short passing game is key when Chad Pennington is throwing the rock.

Duke Robinson is the best Guard in this draft. Robinsons' play seem to decline late in the season and he played pretty terrible in the National Championship game vs Florida . Robinson would be suited as a Right Guard in our Offensive Scheme due to his poor footwork. Donald Thomas mans our Right Guard position and I would argue that he is and will be a better player than Duke.

Winner: Hakeem Nicks

Connor Barwin vs. Tyson Jackson

Connor Barwin wins work-out warrior for me after dominating the combine. His versatility is a coaches dream; a converted tight end who can get to the Quarterback as his 11 sack Senior campaign suggests. Barwin reminds me of Mike Vrabel as I think he provides added value as a tight end in red-zone situations. Miami has it’s radar on this kid. They hope he somehow falls to them at their #44 overall pick but I don’t see it.

Tyson Jackson is the best 3-4 Defensive End in this draft and possibly last years’ as well. Tyson Jackson might also have the size to move inside in a 4-3 scheme. Great strength to stack the line but lacks speed to get to the Quarterback. I don’t see Jackson simply because we drafted three players in Phil Merling, Kendall Langford, and Lionel Dotson to be our ends. Merling and Langford showed great potential last season and I think they will remain our bookends. We obviously had enough faith in them to release team catain Vonnie Holliday.

Winner: Connor Barwin


Rey Maualuga vs. Max Unger

Rey Maualuga plays with the desire and intensity that Parcells covets. His instincts need improvement and with Maualuga you will get some blown assignments but the guy is a tackling machine whi can really lay the lumber. Maualuga needs work in his pass defense but is good enough to be a three down player in the NFL. The Miami Dolphins have already scheduled a private work-out with Maualuga and seems to be on their radar.

Despite the Dolphins putting big money into their line by resigning Vernon Carey and locking up Jake Grove I still see Max Unger as a player who will intrigue our front office a great deal. Unger is versatile and can play four positions on the offensive line. I think we pass just for the mere fact that we have our line set and we are going to be looking for depth rather than starters in the draft.

Winner: Rey Maualuga

Peria Jerry vs. Evander Hood

Jerry is not your typical Nose Tackle in a 3-4 defense but he plays with a great burst and has the ability to get to the Quarterback. Jerry looked dominate during Senior Bowl week but his injury prone past could be viewed as a red flag.

Hood is a little bigger and stronger than Jerry and might be able to make the transition to a 3-4 nose tackle. Hood is sound in terms of technique but is not as gifted as an athlete as Peria Jerry.

Winner: Peria Jerry


Larry English vs. Alphonso Smith

Larry English is the definition of an 3-4 Outside Linebacker and I believe that the Dolphins are very keen on this guy. He reminds me a lot of Demarcus Ware as they both come from small schools and are converted defensive ends. English plays with an intensity and his pass rush is simply relentless. Not to mention that English plays consistently well against the run and will always give 110% effort when he is on the field. This guy could be a force Day 1 playing opposite of Joey Porter.

Alphonso Smith is a gifted corner who lacks ideal size but plays with a swagger to make up for his height. He has fluid hips and good enough speed to be effective in coverage. This not a knack on Smith but I just think we have Darius Butler and Sean Smith higher on our board. I think we will land either Smith or Butler at #44.

WINNER: Larry English

Darius Butler vs Brandon Pettigrew

The Dolphins are very keen on Butler and why wouldn’t they be? Will Allen is in a contract year and there is a major question at Right Cornerback as we speak. Butler will probably last to pick #44 which hurts him in this contest but bottom line is the kid can play. Butler is very instinctive and has great speed with his strong suit being his recovery speed,.Butler was a four year starter at Connecticut

Pettigrew is the best Tight End in this draft but his combine I found to be very depressing. He ran an awful forty time and just didn’t look the part like Kellen Winslow did for me a few year’s back. Pettigrew is a great blocker who can make the tough catch. We have to consider him but I don’t think he is much of an upgrade to what we have to work with now.

WINNER: Darius Butler


Clay Matthews Jr. vs. Clint Sintim

Matthews Jr. was a walk on at USC who was a late-bloomer and didn’t start until 3 games into his Senior season. He is of NFL pedigree as his father was a very good linebacker and Matthews Jr, has many of his traits. The attractive thing on Matthews to me is his versatility as he could excel both inside and outside in our 3-4 defense. The kid is a blue-collar hard-worker who will give you his all every day he is on the field. His instincts are superior to any Outside Linebacker in this draft and really created a buzz at the Senior bowl.

What a difference a few months can make. Two months ago I was locked in on Sintim as our pick in Round 1 but he failed to impress at the Senior Bowl, at times looking confused on his responsibilities, Al Groh who is a good friend of Bill Parcells and is the coach at Virginia is very high on him. Don’t get me wrong I still have a small man crush on Sintim because he is a natural Outside Linebacker in a 3-4 defense who is a vocal leader and his pass rush is very strong. Sintim posses a good size of speed but due to an average combine and a poor Senior Bowl he falls to late Round 2 and is a real possibility at #56.

Winner: Clay Matthews Jr.

Sean Smith vs. Percy Harvin

Call me crazy but I think Smith projects as the 2nd best defensive player in this draft behind Aaron Curry. He has ideal size at 6”3 and his speed is remarkable given his size. He is versatile as he played Safety most of his career at Utah. Smith is great in press coverage and is also a solid tackler in the secondary. The Dolphins have already winer and dined this kid and they hope he last to #44 but he is so good they might have to take him at #25 to be safe.

Harvin is a multi-tool guy but I agree with Mike Mayock that he will be a Reggie Bush type player rather than a true Wide Receiver. Harvin is a play-maker but is a lot like a guy named Ted Ginn Jr. who we have on our roster. I think that NFL speed will limit the ability Harvin has to get to the outside thus limit his play-making ability. I don’t see him ever to be a true # 1 receiver.

Winner: Sean Smith

[Round 2]

North Division

Hakeem Nicks vs. Connor Barwin

For me it comes down to the fact that we need some fire-power on offense and I see more depth on Outside Linebackers than #1 Receivers in this draft. Barwin is a guy who could fall to #44 while Nicks has no shot in hell. I watch the highlights from that West Virginia and I see the catches Nicks make and I see that in a Dolphins uniform which makes Ted Ginn Jr. and Davone Bess better players immediately.

Winner: Hakeem Nicks

South Division

Rey Maualuga vs. Peria Jerry

Maualuga is an explosive difference maker while Jerry is a guy who plays his part. I think the fact that we run a 3-4 defense hurts Jerry’s chances because I don’t think pick #25 is worth a gamble when so many sure things will be on the board. Maualuga would be a force and immediate upgrade to Akin Ayodele and would be ready to transition ASAP rather than be a project. Maualuga’s intangibles just sell me on him more than Jerry’s.

Winner: Rey Maualuga

East Division

Larry English vs. Darius Butler

This is a really tough one because I am so higher on both players but bottom line is that I think Larry English would be more effective initially and longevity wise while compared to Butler. Cornerback is the deepest position in this draft IMO and a first round talent will fall to pick #44 in this draft. Larry English is just a perfect fit for me and I just see him dominating and winning Defensive Rookie of the Year. I think Butler has a good chance to slide to us at #44 and getting both would rival my dreams of Alicia Silverstone after I saw Clueless for the first time.

Winner: Larry English

West Division

Clay Matthews Jr. vs. Sean Smith

This is the toughest decision of the Round but I see a lot of Bobby Carpenter in Clay Matthews which shy’s me away and in Sean Smith I see a lot of Nnamdi Asomugha which really attracts me. I think Smith could last to #44 but like I said previously I don’t think you could pass him and see him selected to the Patriots and live with yourself. I think Clay Matthews will turn to be a better pro than Brian Cushing but Sean Smith is my guy.

Winner: Sean Smith


Hakeem Nicks vs Rey Maualuga

Both of these guys are impact players and I truly believe both will be on the board when we pick at #25 but Maualuga injured himself at the combine and battles injuries his entire Senior Season. The thing that impressed me most about Hakeem Nicks is that when fellow star receiver Brandon Tate tore his ACL, Nicks stepped his game up to the next level. Maualuga will be a good player but with another team b/c Nicks wins this by a landslide to me.

WINNER: Hakeem Nicks

Larry English vs. Sean Smith

A draft that consisted of any two of the final three players would make us amuch better team. Sean Smith is the best Corner in this draft but could be available at #44 while English has no chance. Bill Parcells’ philosophy shows that he has a greater interest in a great pass rusher rather than a Corner b/c he truly believes that if I a guy can rush or get to the Quarterback than the Corner’s job is a lot easier. This is a really tough one but Matt Roth’s inability to get to the Quarterback was a major problem for us last year.

Winner: Larry English

Larry English vs. Hakeem Nicks

Before I get into this, I really hope Sean Smith or Darius Butler last to #44; I know I sound like a broken record but I truly believe one will last to that spot which diminished their value a little. English vs Nicks in this draft is like is just a decision you could not go wrong on. They are my two favorite players in this draft and both are game-changing players. Against the Ravens in the playoffs our defense outplayed our offense and did so for a majority of the season. Our defense received a lot of attention in the off-season as we signed Eric Green, Gibril Wilson, Cameron Wake and locked up Yeremiah Bell and Channing Crowder. Our offense lacks that true # 1 Receiver who when we find makes Ted Ginn, Greg Camarillo, Anthony Fasano, Davone Bess, and Ronnie Brown better immediately. Not to mention how it helps Chad Pennington for this season and Chad Henne for 2010 and beyond. Henne will be our starter in 2010 and an established receiving core will give us that young Quarterback with a swagger we have lacked since Marino. I love Pennington but after this year his job will be done. Our offense needs that difference maker and that player bears the name Nicks…

With the twenty-fifth pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select…

Hakeem Nicks, Wide Receiver out of North Carolina

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We have Ginn...get him the ball and he may go house at any time. His routes and awareness are constantly improving. Camarillo who was clearly our #1 before being injured and Bess who only set undrafted free agent records this year. I also love what I've seen from London. WR is a need but not a rd 1 need.

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how many hours did you spend on that post, 2-3?

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Okay RealDriscoll I went and voted for you, it put you tied at 14 a piece. Goodluck!!!

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I think four of your seeds shouldn't have made the Dolphins final 16.

We won't pick a guard or a center at 25. We just signed 2 players for those positions. Any C or G we select will be in the 5th, 6th, 7th round, or signed as undrafted free agents.

Despite his awesome combine Barwin will not be drafted in the first round. Teams are afraid of workout warriors and some teams might even view him as a better TE than OLB/DE.

Harvin, I feel will drop out of the first round. You're going to pick someone in the first round that doesn't have a true position and the position you're going to pick him for he probably played the least (WR). At least Reggie Bush played running back 100% of the time in college.

You could have replaced those 4 guys with Heyward-Bey, Brian Cushing, two of the other remaining top CBs (from Illinois, Wake Forest, and Ohio State).

03-16-2009, 10:36 PM
Brian Cushing will be gone as will Vontae Davis. The corner from Wake Forest is Alphonso Smith who is on the list.

Took me 2 hours...I had a lot of time this afternoon.

03-16-2009, 11:02 PM
Brian Cushing will be gone as will Vontae Davis. The corner from Wake Forest is Alphonso Smith who is on the list.

Took me 2 hours...I had a lot of time this afternoon.
Some spend 2 hours reading the site, you spend 2 hours contributing to it. Well thought out post!

03-17-2009, 01:45 AM
although i dont think guys like Unger, Robinson, Alphonso Smith, Peria Jerry, Ziggy, Pettigrew will even be on our first round draft board. This is still a detailed thread, with some good info..

How do you put Jerry and Hood in there, and leave out Brace.. I know Jerry is better, but those two guys you mentioned dont fit in our system. Brace is a legitimte 1st rund canidate. Although it may be a slight reach.. I dont think he'll be available with our 2a pick.

I also dont think WR is a first round need, but i do love Nicks.. I couldn't be upset with that pick.. If Maulaluga is available though, we gotta get him.. Him and Crowder should keep the middle pretty strong..

Larry English is an interesting prospect. If we drafted him, that means the Trifecta approves of him and I'll be very happy with English..

Sean Smith why can't you just be a tad bit better so we could have an easy decision at 25.. You can't count on him at 44.. If you want him, you trade back to 31, right before the Steelers who may replace McFadden.. Other teams like Lions, Browns, Bengals, Pats, Jacksonville, Oakland, and more i can't think of will snab him before 44.

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that was pretty kool enjoyed reading it a lot better than most of the other threads thx

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Nice work.

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really like the innovative idea, much more different and entertaining than any mock i've seen so far heh

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