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03-24-2009, 10:51 PM
****Denver trades QB Cutler to Jets,inreturn for....
NYJ 2009 1st rounder,2nd rounder,and
2010 3nd rounder****

*****Miami trades 25th pick to the 49ers for.....
SF 2009 2nd rounder,3rd rounder,and 6th rounder******


1-DET/Matthew Stafford,QB out of Georgia(6'3",225)

2-STL/Jason Smith,OT out of Baylor(6'5",310)

3-KC/Aaron Curry,OLB out of Wake Forest(6'3",256)

4-SEA/Eugene Monroe,OT out of Virginia(6'6",309)

5-CLE/Michael Crabtree,WR out of Texas Tech(6'1",215)

6-CIN/B.J. Raji,DT out of Boston College(6'1",336)

7-OAK/Brian Orakpo,DE/OLB out of Texas(6'4",262)

8-JAC/Malcom Jenkins,CB out of Ohio State(6'0",204)

9-GB/Everette Brown,OLB out of Florida State(6'1",252)

10-SF/Mark Sanchez,QB out of USC(6'3",226)

11-BUF/Aaron Maybin,DE out of Penn State(6'4",252)

12-DEN/Tyson Jackson,DE out of LSU(6'5",296)

13-WAS/Michael Oher,OT out of Ole Miss(6'5",310)

14-NO/Brian Cushing,DE out of USC(6'2",245)

15-HOU/Vontae Davis,CB out of Illinois(6'0",204)

16-SD/Ray Maualuga,ILB out of USC(6'1",260)

17-DEN(from NYJ)/Josh Freeman,QB out of Kansas State(6'6",248)

18-CHI/Jeremy Maclin,WR out of Missouri(6'0",198)

19-TB/Percy Harvin,WR out of Florida(5'11",198)

20-DET(from DAL)/Eben Britton,OT out of Arizona(6'6",310)

21-PHI/Andre Smith,OT out of Alabama(6'4",333)

22-MIN/Darrius Butler,CB out of Connecticut(5'10",184)

23-NE/Larry English,OLB out of Northern Illinois(6'2",255)

24-ATL/Brandon Pettigrew,TE out of Oklahoma State(6'6",263)

25-SF(from MIA)/Darrius Heyward-Bey,WR out of Maryland(6'1",210)

26-BAL/Hakeem Nicks,WR out of North Carolina(6'0",204)

27-IND/Peria Jerry,DT out of Ole Miss(6'2",298)

28-PHI(from CAR)/Chris Wells,RB out of Ohio State(6'1",235)

29-NYG/Clay Matthews,OLB out of USC(6'3",240)

30-TEN/Alphonso Smith,CB out of Wake Forest(5'9",194)

31-ARZ/Knowshon Moreno,RB out of Georgia(5'11",208)

32-PIT/Duke Robinson,OG out of Oklahoma(6'4",332)


33. Detroit Lions - Michael Johnson,DE out of Georgia Tech
34. New England Patriots (f/KC) - Louis Delmas,FS out of Western Michigan
35. St. Louis Rams - Robert Ayers,DE out of Tennesse
36. Cleveland Browns - Jarron Gilbert,DE out of San Jose State
37. Seattle Seahawks - LeSean McCoy,RB out of Pittsburgh
38. Cincinnati Bengals - Alex Mack,C out of California
39. Jacksonville Jaguars - Herman Johnson,OG out of LSU
40. Oakland Raiders - William Moore,SS out of Missouri
41. Green Bay Packers - Ron Brace,NT out of Boston College
42. Buffalo Bills - Max Unger,C out of Oregon
43. Miami Dolphins(f/49ers) - OLB Connor Barwin/Cincinnati
44. Miami Dolphins(f/Was) - Sean Smith,CB out of Utah
45. New York Giants (f/NO) - Sen Derrick Marks,DT out of Auburn
46. Houston Texans - Clint Sintim,OLB out of Virginia
47. New England Patriots (f/SD) - William Beatty,OT out of Connecticut
48. Denver Broncos - D.J. Moore,CB out of Vanderbilt
49. Chicago Bears - Andy Levitre,OG out of Oregon State
50. Cleveland Browns (f/TB) - Donald Brown,RB out of Connecticut
51. Dallas Cowboys - Phil Loadholt,OT out of Oklahoma
52. Denver Broncos(f/NYJets) - Coy Francies,CB out of San Jose State
53. Philadephia Eagles - Brian Robiskie,WR out of Ohio State
54. Minnesota Vikings - Shawn Nelson,TE out of Miss State
55. Atlanta Falcons - Cody Brown,OLB out of Connecticut
56. Miami Dolphins - Ramses Barden,WR out of Cal Poly
57. Baltimore Ravens - James Laurinaitis,ILB out of Ohio State
58. New England Patriots - Jamon Meredith,OT out of South Carolina
59. Carolina Panthers - Paul Kruger,DE out of Utah
60. New York Giants - Chase Coffman,TE out of Missouri
61. Indianapolis Colts - Jarius Byrd,CB out of Oregon
62. Tennessee Titans - Louis Murphy,WR out of Florida
63. Arizona Cardinals - Kraig Ubrik,OG out of Wisconsin
64. Pittsburgh Steelers - Eric Wood,C/G out of Louisville


3:Joel Bell,OT out of Furman(6'7",309)

3b:Chris Baker,NT out of Hampton(6'3",326)

03-24-2009, 10:57 PM
Do I like it....yes....will it happened that way....it would be like trying to catch a rain drop.

Draft trades are fun to think about...so have fun.

03-25-2009, 06:51 AM
didnt u just post this mock?

SCLSU Mud Dogs
03-25-2009, 07:02 AM
I have no problem with trading away our first like that. Looks like some good quality guys we could get too. One thing you never know is how one player could change a draft. Remember Brady Quinn falling to 22? You can never anticipate a moment like that and there seems to be one of those cases every year. I can't wait for this draft!

PS- This is one of the first REALISTIC trades I've seen somebody procure.

03-25-2009, 07:34 AM
Dont Like It If We Trade 25 It Better Be For Two 2 Round Picks

03-25-2009, 10:46 AM
I say you trade with Cleveland. Package the 25th and Wilford for their (2) 2nd Rd picks, #36 & #50. That would give us (4) total picks in the 2nd. #36, #44, #50 and #56. We could get some serious talent from those picks.

Orlando Fan
03-25-2009, 12:10 PM
What is your reasoning that SF would want to trade up? #25 for a 2nd and 3rd round pick would not be a bad deal. Going with Clevland as Bleedin Phins suggested would not be bad either, not sure they would give up 2 #2 picks though.

It would not surprise me at all that the FO does a trade down for more picks.

03-25-2009, 01:31 PM
only see trade happening if a smith or j freeman drop to #25