View Full Version : Miami Dolphins: Mel Kiper's draft call

03-25-2009, 01:21 PM
Here were some highlights from Mel Kiper's NFL Draft conference call, courtesy of ESPN:

-- Kiper said he expected the Dolphins to look hard at cornerback at No. 25, even after the addition of Eric Green. While he expected Ohio State's Malcolm Jenkins to be gone (even after Jenkins's stock drop), he pointed to Illinois's Vontae Davis ('great talent; inconsistent"), UConn's Darius Butler and Utah's Sean Smith ("great size").

-- Kiper said that even if Bill Parcells doesn't want to take a receiver there, the options could prove too tempting. Kiper expects five or six to go in the first round. "And say a Heyward-Bey is there?" Still, he thinks Heyward-Bey goes between 16 and 18 (to the Bears), and that the Maryland product is "the fourth receiver or fifth." He said there's "about seven teams between 17 and 32 that need a wide receiver."

-- Kiper does believe, however, that guys like Ohio State's Brian Robiskie, Rutgers's Kenny Britt ("I don't think he's elite, and I don't think he's a guy you can count on to be a No. 1 receiver, but he's got a lot of skills") and Oklahoma's Juaquin Iglesias could slip to the Dolphins' spot in the second round. He thinks Iglesias could even be available in the third.

Kiper said that "people are more enamored" with Percy Harvin than they were a month or so ago. And many are less smitten by Hakeem Nicks, after Nicks put on weight. Kiper called Harvin "Reggie Bush as a Saint, not Reggie Bush at USC."

-- Kiper is still going, more than an hour later. He just gave a really interesting answer to Omar's question, and I'm sure Omar will blog it. The crux? That if Kiper ran a team, he would never have a first-round pick if he could help it. Instead, he would just accumulate as many later picks as possible. He said that was always Bill Walsh's philosophy, and that led to one of the great drafts in NFL history, in a year that San Francisco didn't have a single first-round pick and kept trading down.

03-25-2009, 05:13 PM
i love the smokescreens...im telling you, harvin is not liked and nicks is...kiper has his nose up the butts of too many league execs...britt wont pass the giants at 29...harvin will slide into round 2 unless a team like the giants are desperate...and britt wont make it past 29...

03-25-2009, 05:34 PM
tell me why harvin wouldn't be loved...

the guy has smarts, size, speed, hands, got excellent production in a tough ncaa division, he's a leader. Above all, he's a playmaker. I don't think he'll be a top 15 pick ( moreso in the 16 to 32 range) , but he's a sure first rounder, and hakeem nicks isn't ( i see him more in the 25 to 40 range )

03-25-2009, 06:02 PM
according to kirwan, many of the scouts are low on his attitude and if you look at his highlight reel you dont see the variation in routes that you see with a nicks....i think he falls on draft day to round 2, i really do...