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03-26-2009, 05:25 AM
Round 1 - Pick #25

CB - Darius Butler - UConn - 5'11"- 183 pounds

Tough choice here for me but I like Darius. At 5'11" and having a vertical leap of 43" covering tall recievers should not be any concern. I watched a lot of his gameplay videos and he is very explosive when going up for the ball. He runs a 4.4 40 yard dash and is considered to have the best footwork of any CB coming out of the draft. The biggest concern with Butler is his weight, and with the Dolphins offseason training I dont believe it will be a problem.

Round 2 - Pick #44

OLB/DE - Connor Barwin - Cincinnati - 6'4" - 256 pounds

Another tough choice but I like Barwin in this spot. If he is availible here grab him. He runs a 4.6 40 yard dash with his best time being a 4.48. Known for his explosiveness and high motor he is a great prospect. He has only played OLB/DE for 1 year and was impressive. To think of what this kid can do under our coaching and with more time at OLB he could become a star. Bonus is he can play TE also.

Round 2 - pick #56

WR- Kenny Britt - Rutgers - 6'3" - 218 pounds

I took Britt here hoping he would fall to this pick but some mocks have him going lower. Kenny Britt would be perfect for Miami. A big framed player with long arms who can be used in the red zone. He can run with the ball after he catches it and is not easy to take down. He rarely drops passes and has sub-par speed with a 4.5 40 yard dash. He is an underclassmen coming into the draft as a junior. Britt could really develop into something special and would add another deep threat target when Henne eventually takes over.

Round 3 - Pick #87

G - Kraig Urbik, Wisconsin - 6'5" - 328

It was really tough picking here, I like Herman Johnson but I dont know if he will fall to us at this pick. Urbik started college at tackle and they started 23 games at guard after that so he can give us depth at both spots. He has a few problems with a knee injury at the end of the season but was very durable before that. He did 29 reps on the bench ( More then Herman Johnson or Duke Robinson) He fits the Dolphins type lineman, big and strong. If Urbik is not avaible another choice would be Louis Vasquez, Texas Tech.

Round 4 #122

NT-Terrance Knighton - Temple - 6'3" - 321

Finally time to address the NT spot. Some people may think this is much to early for Terrence Knighton but I disagree. His stock has been rising and he is the perfect size for a NT we need at 6'3" , 321 pounds. A lot of people might suggest getting Terrance Taylor here but I think Knighton will be a much better 3-4 NT who can have a big impact and surprise a lot of people. He runs a 5.2 40 yard dash which is not to bad considering his size. Some sites have him going in the 7 or becoming a UFA, but with his stock rising I believe he goes sometimes in the 5th round if we dont take him here. Big sleeper here with great potential.

Round 5 #153

FB - TROY FIAMMETTA - Syracuse - 6'0" - 245 pounds

His draft stock seems to be on the rise as more and more scouts notice him. Can really help open up the running game , does a terrific job blocking linebackers and safeties and has good pass blocking skills also. Runs a 4.58 40 yard dash, did 30 bench reps at the combine. Would be a good replacement for Polite and is a better recieving back but not the best rusher.

Round 6 #181

CB - Mark Pason - Ohio - 5'10" - 186 pounds

This guy could possibly be the biggest sleeper in the draft although he is being recognized more now. A very good man cover corner with potential. Does not have great speed running a 4.5 40 yard dash but is VERY physical. Has a vertical leap of 38". Personally invited to Prime-U by Deion Sanders. Started 36 games at CB for Ohio. Shut down Brian Robiskie to 3 catches for 8 yards. Closes the gap between him and the reciever very quickly. Has good hands too. Would be very excited to see him in a Dolphins uniform and a great pick here.

Round 7 #196


A big TE that could be brought in to compete with Haynos and Martin. Bronson runs a 4.7 40 yard dash which is really good for a player of his size. Is a good recieving TE who can make amazing catches. The best part of Bronson is he is a very good blocker with good pop on run blocking.

Round 7 #215

ILB - ANTHONY FELDER - CALIFORNIA - 6'2" - 233 pounds

Another guy I really like. A great run stopper with a 4.69 40 yard dash. Felder has pretty good strength and his frame has room to add more bulk if needed. Can help stuff the running game and at the very least add some depth at ILB for us. Is also an experienced blitzer.

Round 7 #220

S - Greg Laybourn - Oregon State - 5'10"

A special teams pick. Bring him in to compete for a ST job. Was a ST ace in Oregon but will most likely not be a good NFL DB.

Well after hours of looking over players and video here is my final mock draft :woot:

03-26-2009, 06:51 AM
good draft, but neither of your second rounders will make it there. I love Fiammetta, but 5th is WAY too early for him

03-26-2009, 08:23 AM
I love the Parsons pick, I've been talking him up since January. I was shocked that he wasn't invited to the Combine. I watched that Ohio State game, Robiskie was no match for Parsons...that game was his coming out party.

03-26-2009, 08:54 AM
I agree with your analysis on Knighton. I had the Fins taking him much later in my last mock, but I cannot see him lasting into the 7th. There is a lack of NT's in this draft and lots of teams are switching to or already use a 3-4 D, and there is a need for NT's! Good Job.

03-26-2009, 11:34 AM
Yeah I decided I liked Troy in the 5th round. He is the best fullback in the draft and is a real gem run blocker. Also I wanted to grab Mark Parson in the 6th because I would't want to take the chance of him not being there. Really could develop into a special CB. Him and Butler playing CB would be awesome.

Yeah I thought there might be a shot at Barwin with the first 2nd rounder. With all the recievers in the draft I thought Britt would drop to us too. I really didnt see him going in the 1st or early 2nd.

03-26-2009, 12:39 PM
I can see Butler as a possible pick...after that?

The odds are that at least one if not both of your second round picks will be taken earlier than you listed...Having Knighton in the 3rd round is not only a leap of faith...but an extreme reach. He will not go 3-4 rounds higher than he's rated to be. At best with all the need for NT's...he should go no higher than the 5th round.

My advice to you is to switch the fullback Fiammetta and Knighton's selection spots.