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10-13-2003, 11:23 AM
Looks like Brady is looking to try out for a hosting job on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. It's good to know that he has something on the backburner after his football career is over

FOXBORO, Mass. -- An hour after New England's 38-30 defeat of Tennessee, which I classify as the second-biggest NFL surprise of the day (behind Chicago 24, Oakland 21), I was chatting with Tom Brady as he moussed his hair. I think it was mousse. It could've been something else, but in either case, it makes the girls go wild. Brady nodded in the direction of rookie Dan Koppen. The rookie out of Boston College started at center for the Patriots yesterday, and now the carrot-topped, stubble-haired 23-year-old was walking out of the locker room.
"Look at him," Brady said. "Looks like he's still in college. He's dressed for class."
Koppen's getup: Army-Navy-type khaki jacket, jeans, backpack slung over his right shoulder. NFL starter? The wide-eyed kid looked more like a frat pledge than the linchpin of an offensive line for a 3-2 team.
"Look at those clothes," Brady said to him. "We gotta get you some new clothes. You're starting in the NFL, man."
Subtract the backpack, and Koppen had the Fenway Chic look, which I saw Saturday night as I walked back to my hotel through the masses of college kids who were either already flooding the streets around Fenway to scream about the Red Sox's win over Oakland or moving en masse toward the Cask 'N Flagon and those bars of the quick-drunk ilk. Anyway, let me get to my point (Yay! He's got a point!) about the moral of this game: You can't win consistently in the NFL without a reliable corps of Dan Koppens. Every team has a bunch of players like him, marginal draftees who, because of the transient nature and violence of today's game, have to play at some point. You now have to figure that, no matter how far down the depth chart they are in July, you'll see them in action at some point with a game on the line. In New England's case, it happened early -- Week 5. And most of the bottom 10 guys on the roster helped the Patriots win a game they probably had no business winning.