View Full Version : I'm the oddest sports fan

04-11-2009, 02:56 AM
I live in New York and not one of my #1 favorite teams is a New York team a bit odd. But ill root for New York teams when there not versing my favorite teams.

Top 3 Favorite Teams in Baseball, Football, Hockey, Basketball


1.Arizona Diamondbacks (They started when I started watching baseball +
Matt Williams became my favorite player)

2/3.New York Mets and New York Yankees (Split can't decide)

Plus i like the Angels sucks what just happened RIP Nick Adenhart


1.Miami Dolphins (Of course but because my mom liked Dan Marino and rooted for the Dolphins i think to joke around with my dad who is a Jets fan but the #13 and Marino became my favorite and thats how)

2.Carolina Panthers (Young Team when I was watching football and began to root for them)

3.Arizona Cardinals (honestly im not sure how but im so happy that they did awesume last season)


1.Nashville Predators (Young team as well when i was watching + I loved Stu Grimson aka the Grim Reaper and he beat the crap out of people lol I'm actually crying talking about them cause they are out of the playoffs)

2.New York Rangers (New York team and my whole family except my cousin who is a Pitt fan but he is odd 7 year old his dad is a diehard Ranger fan and he liked them then suddenly liked the islanders which was devasting to his dad then went back to rangers then Pitt cause Crosby)

3.San Jose Sharks (Lol really wasn't a big hockey liked these two teams but have liked them and then really like them when they got Thorton)


1.Dallas Mavericks (This story is kinda funny ok I never was big on basketball but i liked playing it and basketball video games. I went to ground round to eat and they had a game called NBA Jam which is awesume. Everytime i went there I lost. I was like 0-10 ugh. Then I decided to pick a team with a M on a hat and i Won by a lot. Ever since that i rooted for them because a Video Game but Now Dirka Dirk is Great)

2.New York Knicks (Another family team but honestly y can't they make the playoffs oin a week eastern conference well the last 3 teams. They can't finish a dam 4th quarter with the lead.

3.Denver Nuggets (I like them cause Melo who came out of Cuse which is in New York so gotta have love for them he killed March Madness)