View Full Version : Xbox 360 wireless connection help

04-22-2009, 04:07 PM
Xbox's really hate me.

I ordered one off ebay like a month ago, I had all the supplies I needed. Within 10 minutes of it starting, I got 2 red rings. I sent it back to the ebay store and they sent me a new one last night. Everything worked this time, except the damn wireless adaptor. It has a steady red light so it obviously works and is ready to go.

I have looked into the situation and nothing seems to help. I honestly have no idea what to do. We brought the 360 by the computer and plugged it in with an ethernet cord and it worked perfectly then. Also, the wireless should be no problem, my PS3 works wonderfully. I had my friend bring over his stuff today and test his working things, they couldn't go online.

I remembered seeing something about a gateway on the Xbox's help thing. I wasn't even aware of having one, but on some forum someone said to make sure it is allowing to connect. So I looked into that, the damn thing says disabled! So I'm assuming that is the problem.

However I clicked enabled on it, a box came up saying 'connecting...' then it changed to 'connected'. But it still says disabled.

Does anyone know what the hell I am supposed to do?


If I go to properties on it, I can go to [Settings...] and there are a bunch of add, edit, etc options. But I don't know what to do with those.

(also, I called the Microsoft Support Center or whatever and I wish they had some damn Americans. They asked me my name, address, and phone number for around 15 minutes. I was speaking clearly and slowly and they just couldn't understand!)