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04-26-2009, 07:28 PM
First off I want to say that I am a dolphins fan till i die. So please do not question my loyalty to this team.

I will always support any player on the Dolphins including the ones we just selected in the draft. But in saying that I could not be more confused and disappointed in our draft this year.

Last year our draft had a clear direction in re building the lines. And while we had a great start the work was far from finished. But for the first time in years we had people at the helm who seemed to know what they were doing and had a plan. This led to the greatest turnaround in NFL history.

Coming into this draft I felt we were going to continue to re build the lines and get character guys who fit the "Parcell's mold." But after seeing the direction we took this year I couldn't have been more wrong.

Vontae Davis
I don't mind this pick but his attitude issues worry me. It was obviously a position of need which brings me some peace with this pick, but with Maualuga still on the board I think this was the wrong selection. I hope he proves me wrong.

Pat White
This pick is simply awful in my opinion. First off he was an absolute reach at 44. I don't care what anyone says, we more then likely could have go him later in the draft. Secondly don't we already have our QB of the future in Chad Henne? Does the trifecta now doubt Henne, or was he simply brought in for the wildcat? Well if he was only brought in for the wildcat, I think that is a complete luxury pick for a team with so many glarring weaknesses. Also the beauty of the Wildcat was that the other team had no idea when we were going to run it because it had our normal starters. But if they see us running White out on the feild it takes away the whole element of suprise. Also to the people saying he can also be a WR and RB, White has publically made it known that he is a QB and that is the position he wishes to play in the NFL. Also being a second round pick he will be making way to much money for a situational player on a gimick play. For these reasons I feel we wasted yet another second round pick on a QB but I hope he proves me wrong and can make an imediate impack next year.

Sean Smith
While I like him as a player, I don't like the fact we spent two of our first three picks on our secondary when we have so many weaknesses and signed two players in the offseason to start or compete for a starting job in our secondary.

As for the rest of our picks I do like the Turner Pick, but am confused why we would draft two WR, and three DB? Especially after the gems we found in the recieving corps last year and the fact we signed Green and Wilson this offseason. After thinking about this draft I honestly start to wonder if Parcell's let Tony and Ireland take over because this is not a Parcell's draft. Also I would have thought we would have worried about the interior of our line alot more than drafting a tackle due to the fact we seem to be set at tackle.

I know that the trifecta knows alot more than I do, so there is no need to remind me of that fact. But anyone getting mad at a fan and denouncing there loyalty because they question the management is ridiculous. Were all here to share our opinion and just because it's not necessarily the same as yours doesn't matter. Opinons are like *******s everyones got one and there full of ****. That's mine.

04-26-2009, 09:37 PM
Coming into this draft I felt we were going to continue to re build the lines and get character guys who fit the "Parcell's mold." But after seeing the direction we took this year I couldn't have been more wrong.

Everyone has their opinions, I have been scratching my head alot this weekend too, but keep in mind:

You can't fit a square peg into a round hole.

I know alot of us wanted to see a pass rusher or a NT selected. Problem is, this draft was a poor draft for those positions. BP and Ireland arent going to grab someone they dont like just to satisfy a needed position.

Have faith that every guy we took this weekend was the guy we wanted.

I guarantee, if BP felt Maualuga, Sintim, Barwin, or anyone else we passed up were guys he wanted, we would have picked them. Fact is, our FO just didnt think they were as good as fans on this site did.

Lets just wait and see.

How do we know Henne is our next QB? Because Sparano said he will start in 2010? Maybe that was a smokescreen? I know who our current QB is and until I see otherwise, we have 1 QB and 3 back-ups. Don't you want the best guy back there?

Rookies report May 1st, TC is around the corner. Lets see how the puzzle comes together before feeding odd pieces to your dog.