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04-27-2009, 07:51 PM
i'm pissed we passed on the one dude (reyrey) who i prayed would drop to us. i actually posted a scenario earlier where we took the 2 big corners davis and smith so i'm not too hot about the selection although both (esp. VD) come with some question marks. i'm a syracuse fan so i've seen a TON of pat white. that guy absolutely killed us in the past but frankly we selected him too high.i'm not sure his game translate to this level. the next 3 picks of turner ,hartline and napalm frankly i don't get. i watch every USC game (see cushing ,maualuaga above) and frankly altho turner has size he never impressed me as a deep threat wideout given that USC's O was built around the tailback triple threat. hartline and napalm i've never heard of so frankly i think the whole pack went way TOO HIGH. this draft was loaded with quality offensive interior lineman and i wish we'd grabbed one of the 5 exceptional centers here or a swing lineman like duke robinson and perhaps LB zach follet with these picks. trading an early 7th for an unknown 7th makes no sense to me. some good potential players like wr tiquan underwood came off the board after we swapped. overall given the 4 picks in the top 100 i came away unimpressed with this draft class. hope i'm proven wrong.

04-28-2009, 02:39 AM
Mauluga = overrated. Davis and Smith we're great picks at our biggest position of need. Ireland stated that he hoped we would get a huge offensive weapon in the draft, that would be Pat White. I'm tired of people saying White was a reach, because he wasn't. He was arguably the most athletic player in the draft, and was one of the top 3 players in creating plays in the open field in the whole draft. The most athletic guy in the draft was not going to make it to see the 3rd round, hence why we grabbed him. Not to mention he has great character, and is a winner. I wasn't too excited with the pick though, being Barwin and Sintim were still available, but I can understand why they went that direction and I will withold judgement until White, and the rest of the rooks get a chance to prove their worth on the field.

Patrick Turner, wasn't too excited about the pick at 1st, but I'm starting to really like the pick. We needed a huge target, and he fits the bill at 6'5". Of course he isn't a deep threat, we already have one of those types in Ginn. We needed a big, tall guy, we got him. He has good character, is smart, and runs good routes, has solid hands. He scored 10 touchdowns last season, not shabby at all considering the competition faced at USC. I think he will surprise alot of people next year. Brian Hartline averaged 22.8 yards per reception last year. 500 yards and 4 TD's at Ohio State. Another high character guy, runs excellent routes, is very smart. Camarillo v2 to be honest. I like Hartline, but I do feel he was a reach in the 4th round. Then again, perhaps Camarillo's injury is worse than thought so they felt a need to get another Camarillo in the draft? Who knows. It is John Nalbone, not Napalm by the way, and I like the pick. Anyone who feels the need to question why we took a TE needs to take a gander at our upcoming Free Agents next year. Anthony Fasano, David Martin, and Joey Haynos all are FA's next year. Nalbone is seen as a Fasano type TE, hence why Parcells drafted him. We run alot of two TE sets, so having 3 good TE's on the roster is a good thing. Martin won't be back after next year imo. Nalbone will fill in very nicely imo.

Not sure why people are so high on Duke Robinson to be honest. There were 31 other teams besides us that let a 1st day pick in Robinson fall to the 5th around. Obviously they, as well as the Dolphins, know something us casual fans don't.

I absolutely love the Clemons and Gardner picks. Clemons is a very good Safety. He will bring much needed depth to the Safety position. Nothing is guaranteed with Bell, he is injury prone, so having great depth there is good. I'm ecstatic with the Gardner pick. He is a 1st day talent. He would've been a 2nd rounder if not for a torn labrum later in the year. One of the best Tackles in the ACC, love this pick. Brings solid depth to a position we had no depth in. I was actually hoping we'd draft him when I seen he was still available, and sure enough we did. Makes me feel a hell of alot better about the Tackle position. J.D. Folson is just a project player imo. Will be camp fodder, probably will end up on the Practice Squad. Who knows though, Parcells isn't a stranger to finding late round gems.

All in all, I feel really good about the draft. We were able to solve our biggest need in CB, ad were able to come away with 2 big WR's, both who are smart, run great routes, and have great hands. Having attributes like that totally trumps just being a speed burner. Can't wait to get the Minicamps started this weekend.