View Full Version : This was a needs based draft....

WaxOn WaxOff
04-28-2009, 07:36 PM
We needed help at cb, we got two. Two of the best in the draft, give that an 'A'.

We needed a big possession receiver. There was a small number of candidates here and they got the guy they think has the best chance of helping us from this limited group. He may turn out to be a bust, but they will keep looking until they find that guy. They have already struck out once looking for this piece of the puzzle.

They wanted to put heat on the opponent's 'D' and they got the best candidate to run the wildcat EVER in Pat White. This player was too important to risk losing to others, so they drafted high. They felt they needed this player.

The rest of the draft is a crapshoot, anyway, and if they find someone after round 4 that sticks it is like 'found money'. I can't argue with the first 4 picks, and neither should anyone else. These guys deserve some slack with the way they have delivered so far.

This is not like drafting Ted Ginn with Patrick Willis on the board (yes, I wanted Willis, not Quinn, BEFORE the draft) or any of the multitude Pornstash draft errors. I'm OK with it.