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04-28-2009, 07:37 PM
I hate giving draft grades to the team before even seeing how these guys do in the next few years but i do like evaluating them from what miami sees in them.

1-25 Vontae Davis CB Illinois
***notables on the board: Clay Matthews OLB, Hakeem Nicks WR, Rey Maualugua ILB, Everette Brown DE/OLB
Positional Rank: 1
Grade: B+

Player info:
Strengths: Top ten talent in skills alone, good size and bulk, plays very physical, great against the run and good tackler, has a good jam at LOS,has MAJOR upside
Weakness: Clashed with coaches, takes a bit too many risks, needs to work a bit on his work ethic

With Moss, Galloway and Welker, TO and Evans all in our division, we NEEDED to upgrade our secondary. Miami did a great job in FA getting Gibril Wilson and adding some depth at CB. Vontae Davis is a physical WR who, in my opinion, is the best pure CB in the draft. I really liked the thought of Darius Butler in the first but that is because I never thought Vontae Davis would fal to us. He does have a few character concerns and lack of respect towards coaches back in Illinois but im sure that will change the minute he gets into training camp. He has the potential to be a shutdown CB and all the tools to be a great football player for Miami. He had a shot to be a top ten pick on talent alone.

2-44 Pat White WR/QB West Virginia
***notables on the board: Clint Sintim OLB, Connor Barwin DE/OLB, Max Unger OL, CB Sean Smith
Positional Rank: Top 5 (QB), Top 15 (WR), 1 (intangables and athleticism)
Grade: C- with potential to be a high grade

Player info:
Strengths: One of the most athletic guys in the draft, great in open space, fast and has great vision, and very high footbal IQ. Great in trick plays and a proven winner.
Weakness: Not a protype QB or WR, Small frame, durablilty concerns

I was very suprised with this pick and when I saw it I wasnt too happy and i thought it was a big reach. Now that I have had a a look at it and see what he could bring to our team, I am okay with the pick. If he comes in and brings a new dimential to the wildcat, I would be happy with the pick. He is a good QB and a very good runner. has the potential to bring our wildcat formation into a near unstoppable force. I would see him return kicks, play Wildcat QB (throw and run along with rinnie too), and some WR and trick plays.. reverses along with ginn. I would expect him to possible bring a type of option to our team too. Its hard to imagine all the ways Miami could use him to hurt other team. I really feel that he might have been gone by the time we picked again and the dolphins thought so too. If you like a player enough and you think he will make a big difference to your team you go out an get him and I think that is what the FO did. There were reports that some other teams like Dallas and Patriots that was considering him in the later 2nd.

2-61 Sean Smith CB Utah
***notables on the board: none i would have taken over him
Positional Rank: Top 5
Grade: A

Player info:
Strengths: 6'4'' 214, long arms, great athleticism, very good hands, good ball skills, plays aggressive, good reads, reacts well in space, Can play FS too
Weakness: struggles a bit with turning hips with fast WRs, gets beat deep a bit, a little too aggressive towards the ball sometimes

Great pick here. Another CB to help our our weakest postion of last year. With Will Allen getting older and not much left on his contract, Jason Allen not living up to a first rounder, Eric Green not the answer as starter, we need more help. With Davis and Smith, we should have two good starting CBs for the future. He has great size and and should be a good matchup for TO and Moss rwo times a year and should develop to be a starter in a year or two.

3-87 Patrick Turner WR USC
***notables on the board: Jualquin Iglesias WR, Jonathan Luigs OL, Duke Robinson OG, Jasper Brinkley ILB
Positional Rank: Top 20
Grade: C

Player info:
Strengths: 6'5'' 223, Great Size, very good routes, good hands and ball skills, tough and can make catches in middle.Plays faster than timed, wins jump balls
Weakness: not the fastest WR, not very elusive, not a deep threat

Patrick Turner pick also suprised me. I had him rated as a lower round player. But Miami really wanted a big framed WR. I think they would have prefered Barden but the Giant traded up to snag him a few picks ago. He does a few things better than barden but overall i think barden would have been a better pick. But he was gone and Turner isnt a horrible pick. He was the #2 recruit in the nation out of high school, just wasnt as productive as he could have been at USC.

4-108 Brian Hartline WR OSU
***notables on the board: Louis Muphy WR, Duke Robinson OG, Jasper Brinkley ILB, Jarrett Dillard WR, Scott McKillop ILB,
Positional Rank: Top 40
Grade: D+

Player info:
Strengths: decent size, good hands and route running, great blocker, hard worker
Weakness: average speed, doesnt always get seperation, limited upside

There was better options IMO. But you cant have too many hard working guys on our team. His production wasnt there last season but in his defense, he has a true freshman RUSHING QB. His sophmore year with Todd Beckman at QB was much better and more of what he could show in the NFL becaus ethat offense was more of a pro-type offense. He is a good blocker and should help out in the run game or even wildcat by blocking down field and on ST. Might be a decent 3 WR or 4. So we ended up trading Samson Satele and a 4th (Slade Norris) to the raiders for Hartline and OT Andrew Garnder. We have a lot of WRs now with Ginn, Bess, Cam, Wilford, London, Turner, Hartline, Marion (UDFA, i think he makes it)... Who doesnt cut it? One thisg i DO like about him is he is a great ST guy. I have seen all of OSU's games (i am OSU fan) and he has made some big plays on ST and on occassion ake a big catch. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JiSSlyWy70&feature=PlayList&p=B57AF2EFD3EF65F0&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=27

5-161 John Nalbone TE Monmouth
***notables on the board:Jamon Meredith OT, Duke Robinson OG, Jasper Brinkly, Herman Johnson OG, Javon Ringer RB
Positional Rank: Top 25
Grade: D

Player info:
Strengths: decent size, good hands and route running, good production
Weakness: went to small school, not much info about him

Taking Nalbone over Meredith, or Duke? Doesnt seem like a Pacrells or Sparano move to me. They love O-line and had two or three good prospects that fell all the way to the 5th round and with there next pick a few picks away, they could have had Nalbone then and had Meredith or Duke with this pick. I graded this pretty low because of where we selected Nalbone and because who was lef ton the board at the time. Only 3 teams went to Nalbones workout so he wasnt being highly considered in this round or the next by most teams. But he did have a good workout for those teams.

5-165 Chris Clemons S Clemson
Positional Rank: Top 10
Grade: C+

Player info:
Strengths: good timed speed, athletic, smooth, productive, good size, good in coverage and bust to close.
Weakness: needs work on hips and awarness, questionable hands and ball skills, needs work on footwork

Good depth and ST for miami. He has pretty good upside and a good shot at making team.

6-181 Andrew Gardner OT Georgia Tech
***notables on the board: Cedric Peerman RB, Rashad Jennings RB, Lydon Murtha OT
Positional Rank: Top 20
Grade: C

Player info:
Strengths: Great Framee, Larger hands and arms, plays from whistle to whistle, great motor, hard worker
Weakness: not light on his feet, not very athletic, trouble against speed

I think this is a good pick here. Adds depth to OT and has a good chance at making the team and at least be a ST. His hard working motor and never quite attitude is earn him a spot on our roster.

7-214 JD Folsum DE/OLB
Positional Rank: NA
Grade: D

Player info:
Strengths: NA
Weakness: only 230 lbs

Not much more than a ST

OC Alex Derenthal (Temple)
TE Jared Bronson (Central Washington)
OG Mark Lewis (Oregon)
DE Ryan Baker (Purdue)
WR Brennan Marion (Tulsa).. really like this guy... 31.9 ypc! big play ability
LB Orion Martin (Virginia Tech)
WR Chris Williams (New Mexico St.)