View Full Version : Ten things that shocked or surprised me about the Dolphins' draft

Big Red 1972
04-28-2009, 08:35 PM
1. Vontae Davis. I believed his character issues meant there was no way that Parcells and Ireland would draft him. Obviously it wasn't an issue for them and there's no denying that he is a very talented cornerback.

2. Passing on Connor Barwin and Clint Sintim for Pat White. Well the wildcat is here to stay. I bet Ireland started paying more attention to White after we beat the Patriots in Week 3 last season. Every time some analyst mentioned Pat White and the wildcat our front office must have been like "shut up!" At first I didn't like the pick. I was very high on Barwin. However now that I've had time to think about it I believe our offense is going to be a lot more explosive.

3. Trading back in the 2nd round and getting a another pick as well as Sean Smith. That was a nice surprise.

4. Passing on Dorrell Scott for Patrick Turner. That being said I'm a big fan of Turner. They must have considered Scott to be a reach in the 3rd round.

5. After passing on Scott the Dolphins passed on Vance Walker in the 5th and 6th round. Was all that talk about us wanting a nose tackle a smokescreen?

6. Brian Hartline in the 4th round. I did NOT see that coming. Especially with Louis Murphy still on the board. Scott was a reach in the 3rd but Hartline wasn't a reach in the 4th? How is that possible? Clearly the Dolphins do not evaluate players the same way most analysts do. As I step back and look at it I do like Hartline's size. He's fast and quick. Plus he should be a standout on special teams.

7. We didn't draft Don Carey. I thought he was a lock in the 6th round. It's a good thing we got Smith in the 2nd because the Browns snagged Carey four spots ahead of us. I wonder if we still would have taken him if they didn't.

8. Passing on Michael Hamlin for Chris Clemons. By all accounts Hamlin was rated higher. Personally I believe we made the right call.

9. J.D. Folsom from Weber State. Who? What? I never heard of the guy. He must be pretty good if they took him instead of Frantz Joseph.

10. Trading away our second 7th round pick instead of drafting Ian Johnson, Brock Bolen, Andy Kemp, Frantz Joseph, Lee Robinson, or Graham Gano. I can't believe none of those guys were rated high enough on our board. They've all been signed as undrafted free agents.

04-28-2009, 10:27 PM
Miami has good scouting within the Big Sky Conference. Gil Brandt lives in Montana and he and BP are close. Last year Miami drafted Lex Hilliard from Montana and brought in Dan Carpenter also from UM. Also, Miami signed Daren Heerspink from Portland State (Jerry Glanville-Mouse Davis) as a UFA, and signed FA Joey Thomas formerly of Montana State. Therefore, the Weber State player does not surprise me.