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10-17-2003, 04:58 PM
You have to understand the make-up of the team to understand why Grady did what he did. This was a team much like *ahem* the Dolphins, meaning the leadership came from the players not the coaches. All season long Grady Little has just let the players play their game and thankfully they were so good that he never really could make a bad decision. No matter what move he made it always seemed to turn out okay because the players made it work...THEY were responsible for getting us where we were, Grady sorta just rode along.....Now comes the biggest moment of the season and a difficult decision needs to be made, well you can't go away from what has gotten you to the point that your at and you can't all of a sudden say, "I'm in charge now..."...At least Grady Little can't do that.....He HAD to ask Pedro how he felt, that's what they did ALL season....when Pedro said he was fine that was it end of story....Grady went with his 15 million dollar ace...and even though the decison turned out badly it may have saved his job!......How?....because the way I look at it, there were only two things that were going to happen, Pedro was going to lose it or whoever came in from the bull pen was going to blow it....No if's ands or buts about it, call it the curse or call it the yankees had the momentum but, there was no doubt in my mind that they were coming back....Okay, so anyway, had Little pulled Pedro at that point Pedro would have been visibly upset and EVERYONE would know that it was because he wanted to stay in and after that the results would have been even more severe Little.....Why didn't he listen to Pedro? He's been letting them play all year....Why all of a sudden does he get this bright idea that he's the manager? How could he possibly pull the best pitcher on the team after he assured him that he was okay??....(the radar gun was saying that pedro was throwing as hard as he had been throwing the whole game) It would have been ten times worse for Grady had he yanked Pedro and the bull pen came in and blew it....I'm sure that wasn't what he was thinking about at the time. Like I said earlier, he was just letting them play their game.

I don't agree with his decision anybody with half a brain could see that they were starting to hit Petey hard, no matter how fast he was throwing. He should have went to the pen no doubt.....but, do you really think he could have possibly made the right move?....I don't......The ghosts had returned already.

great game and great series, I'm heart broken by the loss but, I'm glad to have gone through this whole season as a Red Sox fan. They were a great TEAM, they were fun to watch and they tried their a$$es off ALL season long......I could ask for more but, I know better by now. ;)

My hats off to the Yankees, they were a "Little" bit better than us.

10-17-2003, 05:26 PM
Yes, I think the Yanks would have lost if Pedro came out at 5-3