View Full Version : Mom in Megan Meier MySpace To Be Sentenced Today

05-18-2009, 06:08 PM
Though the Lori Drew case (http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory?id=7525460) is legally about accessing computers, its emotional pull has always centered around the suicide of Drew's teenage neighbor (http://abcnews.go.com/TheLaw/story?id=6520260&page=1).

That tension is expected to play out today as a federal judge in Los Angeles is set to decide whether Drew should be sent to prison for her role in an online hoax (http://abcnews.go.com/TheLaw/Technology/story?id=6338498&page=1) that prosecutors say led to the suicide of 13-year-old Megan Meier.

In court papers, federal prosecutors said Drew "coldly conceived of a scheme to humiliate" Meier, her neighbor in a St. Louis suburb, by helping to create a MySpace profile for a fictitious teenage boy named "Josh Evans."

Drew, with her own teenage daughter and a business assistant, Ashley Grills, used the fake profile to flirt with, befriend and then abandon Meier, leading Meier to hang herself, prosecutors contend. Drew has denied more than passing knowledge (http://abcnews.go.com/TheLaw/story?id=3970339&page=1)of the fake account and Grills and Drew's daughter were never charged.


05-19-2009, 09:54 AM
Give her the chair

05-19-2009, 11:07 AM
You know....There is so much wrong with this case in general. I know teenage girls are inherantly unstable, but, how does your teenage daughter, if you raise her right, have enough of a ticking timebomb in her psyce to kill herself over what some person on Myspace has to say? I think there is a great deal of blame to be laid here.

This "mother" that participated in and sanctioned such a thing by her daughter is just a horrific person and deserves whatever time they give her.