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05-27-2009, 01:07 PM


So I hear it all the time; You workout for a long time, and weeks later you still aren’t seeing any results, or you DO see results, (which include your belly getting bigger…hey it’s a result). The reasoning behind this is probably nutrition.

If you want to get that sculpted body, or just lose fat, 80% of it is nutrition, 20% is exercise. (We all wish it was the other way around). But this isn’t Burger King, we cant “have it your way”.

Contrary to popular belief, nothing makes you fat, a person makes ‘themselves’ fat by eating too much of something (I bet fast food companies will send me ‘thank you’ letters for writing that). No, eating a slice of key lime pie at Christmas wont make you fat, but eating 5 slices will (now who would do such a thing? *raises hand 3 years ago*.) But remember, weight loss and muscle building comes from the kitchen. You can do the hardest workout ever, but if Krispy Kreme and Cinnabon are your best friends, you’re not going to notice much improvement (Okay I admit it, I have a grudge against Cinnabon, he was my best friend til he stole my girlfriend and made her gain weight….no idea how though…).

Sadly, all of us know SOMEBODY who eats nothing but junk, and still loses weight and builds muscle. (Sadly, im not one of them). Most people just aren’t that lucky though. But hey, just because theyre skinny, doesn’t mean they wont have a heart attack at 35 (bet ya never thought of that, did ya?). So try focusing more on what you’re eating instead of spending hours developing routines, and maybe you’ll see more results. Or get a nutritionist, but I advise against Little Debbie, shes not a good nutritionist.