View Full Version : Delusional Ricky Williams Lovers

05-28-2009, 01:26 PM
The guy hasn't been a regular NFL starter for 6 years, give it up.
If Ronnie goes down, Fins are in trouble
Ricky's the man but at this point in his career he is only a solid #2 RB and thats it.
There is way too many people thinking that Ricky is still starter caliber, in 2003 he looked old and unmotivated.
I'm a big fan of Ricky's and love having him as a backup, but Dolfans must realize he's not Ricky from 2002, 7 years ago. eternity in football time.

Ricky Wiliams runs a 4.29!!!! Wow
Ha, I think he had a running start, Ginn probably runs a 3.5 if he starts at full speed.

Lets Trade Ronnie, we have Ricky Williams and Pat White!!