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10-19-2003, 07:06 PM
just got done with my week 8 predictions

Carolina at New Orleans

Last week Carolina was handed its first lost. I think now it's time for their slide. They will lose this one in a tight battle. I think the saints are going to start playing well. On offense they have what it takes to get done. The colts showed last week all you need to do is stop the panthers running game and you win.

Cleveland at New England

Cleveland is just plain a horrible team. New England just came off an emotional victory over the Dolphins and right now they are looking like a good team even depleted by injuries. New England wins this one in a blow out.

Dallas at Tampa Bay

This isnt the same Tampa team as last year. Their defense is playing like garbage and the Cowboys know this. Expect Dallas to come in here and just barely escape this one with a win. Should be a good Defensive game though.

Denver at Baltimore

Denver is a great team. Their record dosent show how good they are playing. They lost their two games to two undefeated teams. One against the chiefs one against the Vikings. Don't count the Ravens out of this one but i just don't seem them pulling it off. Broncos win this one.

Detroit at Chicago

Nothing you can really say about this game, two horrible teams. I feel bad for the people who have this on their television. Lions win

N.Y. Giants at Minnesota

Giants are struggling and Minnesota is living the dream. Not this week my friend, this is the week Giants get on track and Give these Vikings a 1 in the loss column. *Upset of the week*

Seattle at Cincinnati

Cincinnati is not as bad as their record shows. Seattle is not as good as their record shows. I think the Bengals will come close to winning this one but fall short. Expect Seattle to barely pull off the win.

St. Louis at Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is coming off a bye and the Rams are coming off a win. I'd rather be coming off a bye then a win. The rams offense is nasty but i think Pittsburgh has what it takes to fight them off. Pittsburgh wins this one.

Tennessee at Jacksonville

The Titans are coming off a blow out win against the formerly undefeated Carolina Panthers. The Jagaurs are a horrible team and will show once again they shouldnt be on the same field as the Titans. Titans blow em out.

San Francisco at Arizona

San Fran is coming off a huge victory over Tampa. Expect them to take it to the house and kill the Cards.

Houston at Indianapolis

what can you say? Indy wins

N.Y. Jets at Philadelphia

This game is gonna be kill. The eagles beat them easily.

Buffalo at Kansas City

Kansas City will have problems with this one. The bills are gonna beat them and it will be the last week that started with an undefeated team. Bills pull the upset.

Miami at San Diego

Miami is pissed, They will take it out on the Chargers. Ricky will have his best game of the season with over 200 yards. Go fins!

10-24-2003, 07:12 PM
good post