View Full Version : Russ Lande interview on Dolphins draft

06-03-2009, 02:43 PM
On the draft and Pat White: "I thought they did a good, solid job overall. I will say from what I heard the Pats were very impressed with Pat White because of his versatility, and with their three second round picks, I think that was probably what led to Miami taking him at #44. I think Miami felt they weren't going to risk waiting until the third round to take him. I think he can be a very, very productive player for Miami in a variety of roles. His versatility is what makes him valuable for any team that was interested in him. Now you have a lot more options throwing the ball out of the Wildcat. You're no longer stuck in a situation where the defense can just anticipate a trick pass. You can legitimately play fake and throw on a dig or out pattern;a this kid can make those throws.

On the new wideouts: "I think Patrick Turner is a better player than Ramses Barden. It seems to me Davone Bess is their best receiver, and he's a munchkin. If you want to throw in Ted Ginn Jr., they're still your shorter receivers. Here's a guy who's 6'5" and can get a little bit of dimension in the red zone, he can make plays in traffic that those guys aren't going to be able to. I think he's a great, great pick by them."