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Pandarilla 72
06-05-2009, 02:12 AM
Born in '72, automatically took to the fins as a youth (despite being born in Vermont). First attracted by the colors, then by Shula (resembles my own grandpa), but when I heard about their perfect season in 1972... Well, let's just say my megalomania kicked in (possibly narcissism, also) and sealed the deal.
I used to post for a website that eventually merged with Phinfever. However, once I got back online I had to choose this one because I used to be a regular caller when Jorge Sedano hosted the "Third Shift" on Fox sports radio (I was "the dude" called Tim in Tucson). So once I saw him post a thread on this site, it changed my mind.
Thanks for having me, and I hope to add meaning and fun to your site.

BTW, Pandarilla is a cross between a panda and a gorilla that I had a dream about. I checked it out on the web, and sure enough there was a definition in the urban dictionary (pretty sure it's my animal spirit guide ala "Serpent and the Rainbow"). Anyway, it cracked up way too many of my family members to not have it as my username.

06-05-2009, 05:47 AM
Welcome to the best Phins site on the net!