View Full Version : Ben Harper and Relentless7 | 05.27 | S.F.

06-07-2009, 12:38 AM
I can sum this show up in two words: TWO ENCORES. Something really magical is happening to Ben Harper (http://www.jambase.com/Artists/Artist.aspx?artistID=2348), as evident by this performance at The Fillmore (http://www.jambase.com/Shows/Shows.aspx?venueID=727). The addition of the Relentless7 (http://www.jambase.com/Artists/Artist.aspx?artistID=59334) - Jason Mozersky (lead guitar), Jesse Ingalls (bass/keys) and Jordan Richardson (drums) - might be responsible for his new glow.

The overwhelming love and support he was getting from the sold out house was something I haven't seen in awhile. It almost brought him to tears. If you aren't familiar with what's been going on in Harper's world for the last year, check out JamBase's feature article (http://www.jambase.com/Articles/17964/Ben-Harper-and-Relentless7-Fly-One-Time) with him from last month. The really quick story is that Mozersky has balls of steel. The longer version involves Mozersky (then a part time musician/part time van driver responsible for getting musicians to venues in Austin, TX) getting up the nerve to hand Harper his demo tape. Harper, being one of the nicer human beings on the planet, actually listened to the tape and liked it so much that he helped Mozersky's then band, Wan Santo Condo, get a record deal. From there a friendship was formed and it was inevitable that these two would and should be playing together at some point. Add an insanely talented drummer (Richardson) and a slick bassist (Ingalls) and you have Harper's first real rock & roll band. At this moment I feel compelled to quote the proverb "you can't steal second base with your foot on first." Thank goodness Mozersky took a risk because Harper has never sounded better or more confident. The Relentless 7 has truly lit a fire under the man. In the audience there was a girl who had paid a whopping $150 for a ticket. Even though she hadn't heard any of his new album, White Lies for Dark Times, she respected Harper so much as an artist that she would've paid anything. This notion is particularly pertinent in times where people are downloading for free, not going to see shows because of financial woes, etc. This girl loved him so much that she dished out all she could to see him live. That is the power of Harper. As Mozersky told me, Harper has the respect of the older generation and now with this new album and group, he's breathing in new life and capturing a new set of fans that also admire and respect him. The crowd was definitely diverse, with bold old and young fans alike rocking out.