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06-08-2009, 02:34 AM
Fell into this forum through a friend of my Uncle's that I had met at a party. Thanks Bob. My name is Nick Keatts. I go to James Madison University where I am studying Communications and minoring in both Sports Comm. and Coaching. I love the atmosphere at football games in Harrisonburg. People knock us because we're AA, but if you saw it live, you would think elsewise. It doesn't feel AA in any way. But this is a Forum for the pros, so I'll put that behind us. I've been a Dolphins fan since the age of 8 when my grandfather introduced me to former Dolphin great O.J. Mcduffie. O.J. gave me a baseball glove of all things (which I later got signed by former Marlin Livan Hernandez) and as an 8 year old, the gift and generosity of a great man like O.J. obviously won my fanhood for life. That was 1997, a year before O.J. led the league in receptions. It's 2009 now, and after 12 years, I finally found a forum worth chatting on. Thanks again Bob. And thanks to FinHeaven for the opportunity to talk about what I love. I remember the jingle tune from games when we would go. "miami dolphins, miami dolphins, miami dolphins number 1" and TD the mascot would run around and flash on the scoreboard. The wonder years are back ladies and gentlemen. After the great year like last year, and with the stickler of a schedule, it doesn't look great for the Dolphins next year unfortunately. But Parcells is excellent with NFL building blocks. Year 3 and on is when I expect the Dolphins to be the team to beat. And by year 4, 5 at the latest. We'll be packing our bags for the superbowl! Let's hope I'm wrong. It'd be nice to surprise everyone in 2009 once again..

06-08-2009, 03:44 AM
Welcome to FinHeaven buddy.

06-16-2009, 04:03 PM
Not very active yet JMU :)

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Welcome to the best Dolphins site on the net!