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10-19-2003, 10:58 PM
GO YANKS!!!!!!!!!!

And yes this is relating to the dolphins.

10-20-2003, 12:27 AM
FYI: The series is tied at one a piece going back to PPS. In any playoff series, your realistic goal is to split or take 2 of 3 when in the opponents' park. The Marlins split with the Yanks at Yankee Stadium and as a fan I'm more than happy with that. If the Marlins play like they have during the season and take 2 out of 3 at home (or hopefully a sweep to end it), the pressure is right back on the Yankees. So take what you want from that.

And no, this thread has absolutely nothing to do with the Dolphins.


10-20-2003, 02:04 AM
Rrodr. You couldnt be any more wrong.

Although right now its not likely that the dolphins will play in Pro Player with the infield there it is a possibility (rain outs.) I have checked the records and it has rained for 14 straight days in NY. The series of course would need to go back to NY before either team can win.

The marlins and they're damn infield cost us this game RR so any marlin fans right now are not on my good side. Thats okay though ill be nice. Mare would have made at least one of his kicks that he missed today had he not been on the dirt.

So yes when your playing in our stadium and costing us games a thread that announces that the Marlins lost IS RELATING to the dolphins.

10-20-2003, 02:07 AM
Originally posted by LoXiN
So yes when your playing in our stadium and costing us games a thread that announces that the Marlins lost IS RELATING to the dolphins.

Point proven. PS *LoXiN, check your PM inbox*

10-20-2003, 03:16 AM
I couldn't be more wrong???

-First of all, PPS is neither your stadium nor mine. Hence, PPS is not our stadium. It is the Dolphins' AND Marlins' stadium. The Marlins have paid Wayne damn good money (too much money in many peoples' minds) to play in that stadium. Furthermore, IMO, this year the Marlins deserve to play in PPS a lot more than the Phins do.

-Secondly, blaming the Marlins for the Dolphins woes is childish and stupid. Suddenly, the dirt on the infield is a liability. Since '93 the Dolphins have played with the infield in Semptember. Coincidentally, for the last ten years now, year in and year out we have one of the best records in the NFL at the end of Semptember. Mare has been kicking on that dirt in September since he has been here and now its a problem?? Vinatieri sure looked good on that dirt. I guess the rules don't apply for him though. It couldn't be that Mare just shanked that kick in over time and that the Phins Special Teams let us down again, could it? Sorry, but that is just a lame excuse for a team that should have put NE away early but let them have the game late.

-Thirdly, there is absolutely no possibility that the Dolphins will play on the infield again this year, unless it rains in Miami for a week and a half straight (taking into consideration time spent taking the dirt out). The Marlins, absolute, no questions asked, last game this season in PPS will be game 5 of the world series which should take place on Thursday. After that, if the series is still going, the remaining games MUST be played in NY. It could rain for 3 years straight in NY and that still would not keep the dirt from coming out in Miami after game 5.

-Fourthly, the series does not need to go back to NY before either team can win like you said. If either team wins the next three games in Miami, the series is over.

-Fifthly, your posts and your intentions are conflicting. You want the Marlins out of PPS, right? Their only ticket out of PPS is a new stadium. The best and quickest way at getting a new stadium is if they indeed do win the World Series. This is because the fanfare garnered from a World Series win could either speed up legislation for a taxpayer financed stadium or push new sports investors into South Florida to build their own stadium. If you do not want to see the infield in PPS anymore for whatever reason, your best shot at that rests in the Marlins winning the series, so you should probably stop rooting against them.

Again, a thread that is about the Marlins is not Dolphins related, don't matter which way you slice it. And a thead rooting against the Marlins because you think they contributed to another Phins collapse is irrational.

10-20-2003, 12:34 PM
I guess the mods settled it with a big, resounding MOVED, Loxin. You just can't change what is (or isn't). Sorry.