View Full Version : Kyle Busch....Disrespectful?

06-10-2009, 04:05 AM
Bah! Haters! Long live THE KING!

Disrespectful is one word to describe the behavior. I have others but this is a family sports website. I don't care if Busch claims he cleared what he planned to do with the track, sponsors and the guy who created the Gibson Guitar trophy that has been a symbol of winning a race in Nashville for decades (which I highly doubt he did anyway). The move was classless and another example of how Busch has complete disregard for the history of the sport. What's next? Pushing over the Grandfather clock if he wins at Martinsville? He's a tremendous driver and I like the fact that he does speak his mind. But antics like Saturday's leave a bad taste in a lot of people's minds and if Busch wonders why the boos keep increasing despite his near-constant winning, he should pop in a DVD of his post-Nashville disgrace.