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06-14-2009, 07:30 AM
1-TB=Russell Okung,OT out of Okalahoma State(6'6",305)
[This o-line isnt too good on paper.Unless Freeman(Im not even expecting him to play this year) has a Matt Ryan kinda year,they'll be picking in the top 3 this year.You cant have your future QB walking into the current o-line situation,and getting the best OT in the draft will keep grass stains off Freemans jersey in the long-run]

2-DET=Ndamukong Suh,DT out of Nebraska(6'4",300)
[Detroit is getting better,but this defense needs help(believe it or not) more than the offense.You start in the trenches,in stopping the run.Stopping the run,helps force passing situations,which then allows Avril to get to the QB.But you need a dominant big at the DT positon,and Suh can be that guy]

3-STL=Sam Bradford,QB out of Oklahoma(6'4",218)
[hmmmm,I think Bradford made the right chocie in not coming out.He avoids the worst team in the league,and goes to a team that has est. talent already.You have one of the best RB's,and a couple good players on defense]

4-CLE=Carlos Dunlap,DE out of Florida(6'6",290)
[Carlos is a good player,who still has room to grow,and lots to learn,but if all accomplished,he can be a dominant DE in Cleveland 3-4 scheme.They really lack a good 3 down lineman core.Carlos could be the Richard Seymore of the Browns 3-4 defense]

5-OAK=Taylor Mays,FS out of USC(6'3",230)
[Really,who else would Al Davi...opps. I mean Head Coach Tom Cable select.Taylor,hands down,is the best DB in this draft.He has 4.4 speed,but at 6'3",230 lbs.,he hits like a linebacker,which,by the way,the Raiders lack also...]

6-KC=Sergio Kindle,OLB out of Texas(6'4",242)
[Getting the down 3 lineman set for the future,you have to reccruit some LB'ers.Kindle is the number one linebacker coming into the draft,and could be every bit of what Orakpo is]

7-NYJ=Brandon Spikes,ILB out of Florida(6'4",253)
[The Jets need a spiritual,emotional leader on defense,and for someone to be the QB of it.Spikes in the best ILB in the draft,and the Jets have Scott and Harris,but I think Spikes will be better than Harris,or you can even more Spikes to SOLB if you wanna keep Harris,and have SOLB-Spikes ILB-Harris ILB-Scott ROLB-Gholston....thats a top 3 LB'ing core right there....considering Gholston come on relatively soon....]

8-SEA(from DEN)=Eric Berry,SS out of Tennesse(5'11",203)
[Eric Berry has been the most exciting player to watch on defense the past 2 years,and it will continue with the Seahawks in the NFL.What I like about Berry the most is that there arent any GLARING hole in the game.I would certainly liek to see him get a lil bigger,and stronger...maybe go from 203 to 210,but even still,he is a great,great player]

9-SF=Jevan Snead,QB out of Ole Miss(6'3",216)
[Getting your number 1 WR last year,your going to have a QB to get the ball to him.Snead has all the tools and intagibles to be a good QB in the NFL]

10-JAC=Arrelious Benn,WR out of Illinois(6'2",220)
[Benn can learn a lot from a guy like Torry Holt.Holt can teach him thing coaches cant,and make Benn even that much more of a threat of scoring threat.He isnt flashy,but theres no doubt he has NFL talent]

11-SEA=Johnathan Dwyer,RB out of Georgia Tech(5'11",235)
[Dwyer is pretty fast for someone who is 235 pounds.He reminds me...at times,of Ronnie Brown of the Phins'.Good hands,can break takes,and isnt afaird of contact,but can breakaway if given a hole]

12-DEN(from CHI)=Tevard Lindley,CB out of Kentucky(6'0",178)
[Lindley is the best CB in the draft,and Denver can use some mroe help in the secondary,as most of them are either over the hill,or at the top]

13-CIN=Jermaine Gresham,TE out of Oklahoma(6'6",260)
[Cincy really needs another scoring threat than OchoCinco.Benglas never really never had a game-breaking TE,over even a relatively good option at TE.Gresham can block,catch,and run like hell]

14-DAL=Joe Haden,CB out of Florida(5'11",190)
[Dallas can use a shot in the arm at corner.Haden is good in technique,and has great recovery speed]

15-BUF=Trent Williams,OT out of Oklahoma(6'5",308)
[Jason Peterson was one of the best for BUF,and now they have....some guy in his place...Trent is going to be solid pro,and reminds me a lot of Ryan Clady]
16-GB=George Selvie,OLB out of South Florida(6'4",245)
[Clay Matthews in the inside,George Selvie on the outside...sounds pretty good to me...]
17-HOU=Damien Williams,WR out of USC(6'1",190)
[Dre' is the best WR outside of Fitzgerald,and needs compliment WR opposite him.Damien is a speedy,but sure-handed wideout.Only thing that concerns me with this pick is recent history with USC WR's,but other than that,Damien cant be no worse than a no. 2...can he?]

18-WAS=Ciron Black,OT out of LSU(6'5",325)
[Jansen is gone,so now they get a tackle to replace him.Black could have been a first rounder last year,but thankfully it doesnt hurt him staying this year]

19-NO=Jerry Hughes,DE out of TCU(6'2",248)
[Will Smith is getting up there,and Grant aleady there,and pass rushing is in dier need for the Saints]

20-MIA=Greg Hardy,OLB out of Ole Miss(6'4",265)
[JT is only going to be here for a year,J Peezy is 32 yrs. old,and Wake & co. arent really a strogn core,so adding a talent like Hardy will sure up our future]

21-TEN=Terrance Cody,DT out of Alabama(6'5",365)
[For every Haynesworth,theres a Cody!....lol,just trying some of that "humor"...but seriously,Cody might not be the pass rusher Haynesworth was,but I think he can eat the holes,and collapse the pocket just aswell]

22-BAL=Gerold McCoy,DE/NT out of Oklahoma(6'4",295)
[Big guy w/ a lot of heart and passion for the game,not to mention he is a pretty good player.Seems to have not peaked in his frame,so i think he is very capable of getting to 320-325 for that NT position,or even DE...either way)

23-ARZ=Marvin Austin,DT out of North Carolina(6'3",305)
[Arizona has few holes,but can always sure up the trenches,and at worst they get a solid player in Austin]

24-SD=Brandon LaFell,WR out of LSU(6'3",209)
[LaFell is a burst of talent,who made the right call in not coming out in 09'.Very natural reciever,who thrives in big momments]

25-MIN=Tim Tebow,QB out of Florida(6'3",235)
[I think Tebow is very capable of being a starting QB in the NFL.Urban Meyer announced he will be trying to run some prolific offensive packages in the playbook this upcomming season,just to showcase Tebows true skills in things other than shotgun]

26-NE=C.J. Spiller,RB out of Clemson(5'11",195)
[Spiller is exactly the player the Pats need.A passing team,with a need of a back with pass catching ability,and overall game-changing talent to even put this offense on another level]

27-ATL=Sean Witherspoon,OLB out of Southern Mississippi(6'1",245)
[Mike Peterson is a nice addition,but he is in his 30's,and the LBing core wasnt impressive to begin with.Witherspoon is not a boom or bust project.I see him as one of the sure things in this draft.Size,strength,speed,and experience]

28-NYG=Javier Arenas,CB out of Alabama(5'9",198)
[Cant say I know a lot about Arenas,but from looking at tape he has talent.Im just a little concerned about his size,but I think he can overcome it all]

29-IND=Geno Atkins,DT out of Georgia(6'1",290)
[Geno is a whooper tackle.He is big,strong,and has good leverage.He plays smoothly,but can also be a force in rushing the passer,which is a "must" if your a down-lineman for the Colts]

30-CAR=Dez Bryant,WR out of Oklahoma State(6'2",215)
[Steve Smith(5'10) on one side,Mushin Muhammed(6'2") on the other,w/ Dez Bryant(6'2") in the slot.....AWESOME!!!]

31-PIT=Ras I-Dowling,CB out of Virginia(6'2",200)
[Big corner for a big,rugid team,who thrives in adversity and indifference,which is all that describes Dowling]

32-PHI=Rashad Jones,SS out of Georgia(6'2",212)
[w/ Dawkins gone,SS is a glaring hole.Philly has always been found of Georgia,and Jones is next in line]

06-14-2009, 07:18 PM
couple things...i hope Brandon Spikes doesn't go to the Jets,i hope we're picking lower than #20, i wouldn't mind getting Greg Hardy...and you really think it'll be a Pennsylvania SB with Philly&Pittsburgh?

06-14-2009, 07:56 PM
Taylor Mays over the GREAT Eric Berry?! NONSENSE!

Seven General Managers should lose their jobs for passing on the next Ed Reed!


06-14-2009, 09:05 PM
Taylor Mays over the GREAT Eric Berry?! NONSENSE!

Seven General Managers should lose their jobs for passing on the next Ed Reed!

:lol:JCane,you&i are thinking alike on Eric Berry...i see him as being Ed Reed 2.0....he's a Safety whom i initially thought was a FS with all the INT's he got,but found out later he's a SS...but whatever team he goes to,he'll make them instantly better on defense,or in my opinion he will...

06-14-2009, 11:06 PM
I don't care how many times you see it in mock drafts all the way up until draft day.....I don't think there's ANY way Taylor Mays gets drafted ahead of Eric Berry....that's a GM that should be ousted immediately if it happens....

Yes...Taylor Mays is going to go to the combine and show off....it ends there...

Eric Berry is going to go to the NFL and show off....and become a perennial pro bowler in someone's secondary....

..hopefully....somehow in Miami's....

06-15-2009, 11:13 PM
I had a Dream where Wilfork was our NT, Spikes our ILB and Berry & Clemons were tearing up the secondary with Davis & Smith lol..if only i was a wizard

06-17-2009, 07:05 PM
i like all the gators on that list. as much as people hate them, they are gonna have some amazing prospects declare on defense next year. spikes is on the top of that list.

the gators D might be among the best ever next year - if they stay healthy, of course.

07-21-2009, 07:51 PM
I dont think Miami would pass up on Terrance Cody... That's a big boy and he would be a nice replacement for Ferg. Anybody agree?

07-21-2009, 08:37 PM
I dont know. They seem to be approaching both sides of the ball in waves, and the next wave is definitely LB/RB help. We're set at RB, so I could see us going heavy on pass-rushing OLB tweeners and versatile ILB's early, finding a runningback to replace RW in the rotation in the mid-rounds, and probably 6 or 7 more tight ends.
OK, maybe the tight ends are a little exaggerated...

07-21-2009, 09:30 PM
eric berry not over taylor mays is outright laughable. berry is the best player in next years draft.

brandon spikes at #7 is rediculous also.

and if i read that greg hardy reinjured his already 2 times surgically repaired foot in a car accident recently i'd be leary of him also right now. medical risk

love the love for ras i dowling cb uva...gonna be a heck of a pro cb

07-21-2009, 09:33 PM
I dont think Miami would pass up on Terrance Cody... That's a big boy and he would be a nice replacement for Ferg. Anybody agree?

too many weight issues for me to take in the first round and likely a 2 down player in the pros.

not a guy that can shift to end and contribute on 3rd down like a ngata or a suh.

07-21-2009, 10:32 PM
I dont think Miami would pass up on Terrance Cody... That's a big boy and he would be a nice replacement for Ferg. Anybody agree?
I guess you never watched a whole game. He will have to drop some serious weight to be in the NFL.

07-22-2009, 01:43 AM
Suh is better than Cody..and Spikes isnt the best ILB in the draft..Roloando Mcclain is the best ILB cause well he already plays 3-4 in a elite conference at 6'4 255

07-22-2009, 01:50 AM
i think we would take Terrence Cody over an OLB at that pick if he is still there

07-22-2009, 02:13 AM
i think we would take Terrence Cody over an OLB at that pick if he is still there
There's no way. He's too big to play in the NFL now. He isn't athletic enough to play 3-4 NT. Watch one of Alabama's games this year and see how he does. You will see how slow he is off the break.

07-22-2009, 09:51 AM
Eric Berry is without question the class of this draft. He is a far superior player than Taylor Mays as is Morgan Burnett out of Georgia Tech.

The thing that jumps out at me in your draft is Gerald McCoy falling to the Ravens at #22. this kid is bonified Top 5 pick. Watch an Oklahoma game and watch #93 and you will see what I mean.

With that said you got the right players in Round 1. I hope Jerry Hughes is a Dolphin at this time next year

07-22-2009, 10:14 AM
mccoy was the best player on the field in the national championship game...by far.

long gone by #22

mays and spikes are very overrated

07-23-2009, 09:09 AM
I agree about Mays being a bit overrated but not Spikes. I think Spikes is a very good player

07-23-2009, 05:44 PM
mccoy was the best player on the field in the national championship game...by far.

long gone by #22

mays and spikes are very overrated

mays - maybe. but spikes overrated? you are nuts if you think that. mcclain and spikes are the best LBers in next year's class for very good reason. of all the gator LBers that have come out - peterson, davis, crowder, etc. - i think spikes will be the best in the NFL by a long shot. there are little to no weaknesses in his game.

08-28-2009, 03:14 AM
We CANT draft Mt. Cody.....Why? Between him and Soliai, lets see.....360 plus 365 lbs.....hmnmnmn....725lbs....yes, the whole buffet line will collapse! Its like feeding a cow! And no small cow!

09-09-2009, 10:29 PM
bradford's health being an issue suddenly comes into play.