View Full Version : hello dolphins fans

06-14-2009, 11:41 AM
Hello my name is Brett and i recently live in hick town Tennessee:tumbleweed:, but was born and raise in Miami, FL. with my first topic i would like to congratulate dolphins to proving everyone wrong even their fan by making afc east champs. last ten years where hard 4 dolphins fans in my opinion in fact i so was piss about 2007 that the one win piss me off more then the loses. Show you we had the skill but we're lazy and had an awful coaching staff. When Dan was around that upset me as well because here you have the prob one of the best qb that ever played and you can not get one out standing player, like how joe had rice and tom has moss, or a well rounded team man dan will always be my favorite. But now with this amazing coaching staff and good rounded players, my hopes of everyone knowing that dolphins will get there respects and everyone can say that are a good team are getting closer by the second. Tony playbook good or bad, his attitude is perfect as well as bill P. I can say if we do make is super bowl this year are chances of winning the super bowl is great for many reasons, but for one its in our house. I will say we are very close to winning a super bowl. BYI thank you for NYG beating the Pats in the super bowl.