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06-17-2009, 08:18 AM

1-TB=Carlos Dunlap,DE out of Florida(6'6",290)
[Carlos is a good player,who still has room to grow,and lots to learn,but if all accomplished,he can be a dominant DE for the Bucs 4-3]

2-DET=Ndamukong Suh,DT out of Nebraska(6'4",300)
[Detroit is getting better,but this defense needs help(believe it or not) more than the offense.You start in the trenches,in stopping the run.Stopping the run,helps force passing situations,which then allows Avril to get to the QB.But you need a dominant big at the DT positon,and Suh can be that guy]

3-STL=Sam Bradford,QB out of Oklahoma(6'4",218)
[hmmmm,I think Bradford made the right chocie in not coming out.He avoids the worst team in the league,and goes to a team that has est. talent already.You have one of the best RB's,and a couple good players on defense]

4-CLE=Sergio Kindle,OLB out of Texas(6'4",242)
[Kindle is the number one linebacker coming into the draft,and could be the pass rushing threat for the Brown 3-4 defense]

5-OAK=Eric Berry,SS out of Tennesse(5'11",203)
[W/ Berry comnig out early,I gotta put him number 1 on the DB list.Berry is the best DB prospect to come out since Sean Taylor]

6-KC=Terrance Cody,NT out of Alabama(6'5",365)
[Cody might not be the pass rusher,but I think he can eat the holes,and collapse the pocket fairly well for the Cheifs]

7-NYJ=Arrelious Benn,WR out of Illinois(6'2",220)
[Jerricho is nothing more than a number 2 WR,and Clowney is a slot guy at best,and the Jets have no real threat at WR,and getting Benn will definately be an upgrade]

8-SEA(from DEN)=Russell Okung,OT out of Okalahoma State(6'6",305)
[This o-line isnt too good on paper.Walter Jones is nearing the end,and a new LT is the biggest need for this team]

9-SF=Jevan Snead,QB out of Ole Miss(6'3",216)
[Getting your number 1 WR last year,your going to have a QB to get the ball to him.Snead has all the tools and intagibles to be a good QB in the NFL]

10-JAC=Geno Atkins,DT out of Georgia(6'1",290)
[Geno is a whooper tackle.He is big,strong,and has good leverage.He plays smoothly,but can also be a force in rushing the passer,which is a "must" if your a down-lineman for the Jags]

11-SEA=Johnathan Dwyer,RB out of Georgia Tech(5'11",235)
[Dwyer is pretty fast for someone who is 235 pounds.He reminds me...at times,of Ronnie Brown of the Phins'.Good hands,can break takes,and isnt afaird of contact,but can breakaway if given a hole]

12-DEN(from CHI)=Gerald McCoy,DE out of Oklahoma(6'4",295)
[Big guy w/ a lot of heart and passion for the game,not to mention he is a pretty good player.Seems to have not peaked in his frame,so i think he is very capable of getting to 320-325 for that NT position,or even DE...either way)

13-CIN=C.J. Spiller,RB out of Clemson(5'11",195)
[Spiller is exactly the player the Bengals need.A passing team,with a need of a back with pass catching ability,and overall game-changing talent]
14-DAL=Taylor Mays,FS out of USC(6'3",230)
[WR is a must on this team....BUT C'MON....how can you pass up Taylor Mays?!!?]

15-BUF=Trent Williams,OT out of Oklahoma(6'5",308)
[Jason Peterson was one of the best for BUF,and now they have....some guy in his place...Trent is going to be solid pro,and reminds me a lot of Ryan Clady]

16-GB=Ciron Black,OT out of LSU(6'5",325)
[Black could have been a first rounder last year,but thankfully it doesnt hurt him staying this year,and the o-line for the Packers can be better]

17-HOU=Major Wright,FS out of Floida(6'0",205)
[Major had a few off-field issues,but other than that a solid prospect]

18-WAS=George Selvie,OLB out of South Florida(6'4",245)
[The linebacking core this team is either to old,just decent,or just arent good enough.They got Orakpo for the DE spot,but they need someone to play standing up]

19-NO=Jerry Hughes,DE out of TCU(6'2",248)
[Will Smith is getting up there,and Grant aleady there,and pass rushing is in dier need for the Saints]

20-MIA=Brandon Spikes,ILB out of Florida(6'4",253)
[Miami needs a starter at the other ILB positon opposite Crowder.Adoyele is nice,but not a productive player,and everyone else is either a backup or ST players]

21-TEN=Tevard Lindley,CB out of Kentucky(6'0",178)
[Lindley is the best CB in the draft,and Houston can use some more help in the secondary]

22-BAL=Rolando McClain,ILB out of Alabama(6'4",250)
[McClain is just TOO good a ILB to pass up.He would be an instant upgrade,and would most likely start day 1 for the Ravs...no questions asked]

23-ARZ=Joe Haden,CB out of Florida(5'11",190)
[Haden is good in technique,and has great recovery speed.Other than Cromartie,I cant name another CB on that roster.Rod is gone,and a hole is created]

24-SD=Marvin Austin,DE out of North Carolina(6'4",305)
[The Chargers have few holes,but can always sure up the trenches,and at worst they get a solid player in Austin...not to mention they lost Igor Olshanky in their 3-4 DE spot]

25-MIN=Tim Tebow,QB out of Florida(6'3",235)
[I think Tebow is very capable of being a starting QB in the NFL.Urban Meyer announced he will be trying to run some prolific offensive packages in the playbook this upcomming season,just to showcase Tebows true skills in things other than shotgun]

26-NE=Greg Hardy,OLB out of Ole Miss(6'4",265)
[The defense is getting younger,and better,and the trend continues with Hardy]

27-ATL=Sean Witherspoon,OLB out of Southern Mississippi(6'1",245)
[Mike Peterson is a nice addition,but he is in his 30's,and the LBing core wasnt impressive to begin with.Witherspoon is not a boom or bust project.I see him as one of the sure things in this draft.Size,strength,speed,and experience]

28-NYG=Morgan Burnett,FS out of Georgia Tech(6'1",210)
[With Burnet this secondary it is instantly better,because I feel when I see Burnett is a hard-nosed defender waiting to tear someones head off]

29-IND=Javier Arenas,CB out of Alabama(5'9",198)
[Cant say I know a lot about Arenas,but from looking at tape he has talent.Im just a little concerned about his size,but I think he can overcome it all]

30-SF(from CAR)=Ras-I Dowling,CB out of Virginia(6'2",200)
[Walt Harris is about done,Clements is getitng up their,and the rest of the entire secondary can....honestly be upgraded,but for now,we go w/ CB]

31-PIT=Kristofer O'Dowd,C out of USC(6'5",300)
[Its no secret that this offensive line has been troublnig the past couple of years,and the C positon is one of the soucres of it,and can get instantly upgraded with O'Dowd]

32-PHI=Rashad Jones,SS out of Georgia(6'2",212)
[w/ Dawkins gone,SS is a glaring hole.Philly has always been found of Georgia,and Jones is next in line]


33-TB=Dez Bryant,WR out of Oklahoma State(6'2",215)

34-DET=Everson Griffen,DE out of USC(6'3",265)

35-STL=Jermaine Gresham,TE out of Oklahoma(6'6",260)

36-CLE=Chris Brown,RB out of Oklahoma(6'1",210)

37-OAK=Adam Ulatoski,OT out of Texas(6'8",305)

38-KC=Sam Young,OT out of Notre Dame(6'8",330)

39-NYJ=Kam Chancellor,FS out of Virginia Tech(6'4",226)

40-DEN=Boo Robinson,NT out of Wake Forest(6'2",326)

41-SF=Anthony Davis,OT out of Rutgers(6'6",325)

42-NE(from JAC)=DeMarco Murray,RB out of Oklahoma(5'11",210)

43-SEA=Tim Hiller,QB out of Western Michigan(6'5",222)

44-CHI=Brandon LaFell,WR out of LSU(6'3",207)

45-CIN=Kyle Hix,OT out of Texas(6'7",320)

46-DAL=Arthur Jones,DE out of Syracuse(6'4",295)

47-BUF=Antonio Coleman,OLB out of Aubrun(6'2",257)

48-GB=Curtis Brown,CB out of Texas(6'1",185)

49-HOU=Myron Rolle,SS out of Florida State(6'2",218)

50-WAS=Gabe Carimi,OT out of Wisconsin(6'8",313)

51-NO=Vince Oghobasse,DT out of Duke(6'6",309)

52-MIA=Brandon Lang,OLB out of Troy(6'4",250)

53-NE(from TEN)=Rob Gronkowski,TE out of Arizona(6'6",260)

54-BAL=Mardy Gilyard,WR out of Cincinnati(6'0",198)

55-ARZ=Renne Curran,OLB out of Georgia(5'11",228)

56-SD=Darrell Stuckey,SS out of Kansas(6'1",205)

57-MIN=Donovan Warren,CB out of Michigan(6'0",187)

58-NE=Steven Schilling,OT out of Michigan(6'5",305)

59-KC(from ATL)=Jermaine Cunningham,OLB out of Florida(6'3",253)

60-NYG=John Estes,C out of Hawaii(6'2",295)

61-IND=Bruce Carter,OLB out of North Carolina(6'3",233)

62-CAR=Brandon Graham,DE out of Michigan(6'2",258)

63-PIT=Charles Brown,OT out of USC(6'6",308)

64-PHI=Crezdon Butler,CB out of Clemson(6'0",185)


65-TB=Patrick Robinson,CB out of Florida State(5'11",194)

66-DET=Sean Lee,MLB out of Penn State(6'2",236)

67-STL=Eric Decker,WR out of Minnesota(6'2",215)

68-CLE=Sergio Render,OG out of Virginia Tech(6'3",318)

69-OAK=Jared Odrick,DT out of Penn State(6'5",305)

70-KC=Micah Johnson,ILB out of Kentucky(6'3",256)

71-NYJ=Jeff Owens,DE out of Georiga(6'2",306)

72-DEN=Myron Lewis,CB out of Vanderbilt(6'2",205)

73-SF=Dan Williams,NT out of Tennesse(6'2",325)

74-JAC=Golden Tate,WR out of Notre Dame(5'11",185)

75-SEA=Nate Allen,FS out of South Florida(6'2",205)

76-CHI=Anderson Russell,FS out of Ohio State(6'0",205)

77-CIN= Colt McCoy,QB out of Texas(6'2",214)

78-DAL=Jason Fox,OT out of Miami(6'7",310)

79-BUF=Jervis Jenkins,DT out of Clemson(6'4",305)

80-GB=Cameron Heyward,DE out of Ohio State(6'6",287)

81-HOU=Mike Johnson,OG out of Alabama(6'5",305)

82-WAS=Josh McNeil,C out of Tennesse(6'4",286)

83-NO=Evan Royster,RB out of Penn State(6'1",217)

84-MIA=Orlando Franklin,OG out of Miami(6'7",334)

85-TEN=Corey Wootton,DE out of Northwestern(6'7",265)

86-BAL=Tyson Alualu,DE out of California(6'2",295)

87-ARZ=Ricky Sapp,DE out of Clemson(6'4",245)

88-SD=Joe Pawelek,ILB out of Baylor(6'2",240)

89-MIN=Justin Woodall,SS out of Alabama(6'1",218)

90-NE=Reggie Carter,ILB out of UCLA(6'1",240)

91-ATL=Zane Beadles,OT out of Utah(6'4",308)

92-NYG=Daryl Washington,MLB out of TCU(6'4",228)

93-IND=Jim Cordle,OT out of Ohio State(6'4",298)

94-CAR=Michael Moore,WR out of Georgia(6'2",200)

95-PIT=DeMarcus Granger,DE out of Oklahoma(6'2",302)

96-PHI=Rico McCoy,OLB out of Tennesse(6'1",224)

06-17-2009, 11:08 AM
If we got Spikes next year I would gladly stop complaining about passing on Maualuga this year.

06-17-2009, 11:25 AM
Surely you have Taylor Mays coming off as the 1st pick in the 4th round right?

06-17-2009, 01:10 PM
Surely you have Taylor Mays coming off as the 1st pick in the 4th round right?


06-17-2009, 02:38 PM
Surely you have Taylor Mays coming off as the 1st pick in the 4th round right?
of course...lol

I gotta few tweaks to work out,but thanks for the heads up...I guess...lol

06-17-2009, 04:19 PM
Brandon Spikes would be a really nice pickup. I think Channing Crowder is ok, but we can still use some inside help.

06-18-2009, 10:32 AM
I also think Colt McCoy will go higher than Bradford. Not really sure why, though. Just a feeling.

06-20-2009, 02:24 PM
of course...lol

I gotta few tweaks to work out,but thanks for the heads up...I guess...lol

Mark Herzlich?

VT Dolphan
06-20-2009, 02:47 PM
Mark Herzlich?

he was recently diagnosed with cancer