10-21-2003, 12:42 AM
I am now 2-5 in my head to head league. This coming week I match up versus a team that is heavily hit by bye weeks. The week after that is much the same. If I can capitalize on these two games I would be 4-5, a much needed streak.

This is my current roster, these are the moves I think will help me win: I know this is alot to read but please focus on the parenthesis.

Peyton Manning QB
Chris Chambers WR
Isaac Bruce WR
LaDainian Tomlinson RB
Brian Westbrook RB (listed as questionable)
Randy McMichael TE
Justin McCareins WR/TE (him or Santana Moss?)
Eddie Kennison WR/RB
Ashley Lelie WR/RB
Drew Bledsoe BENCH
Santana Moss BENCH (him or McCareins?)
Anthony Thomas BENCH (listed as doubtful)
Tom Brady BENCH
Bobby Shaw BENCH (Starting? Is Moulds back yet?)
Darnerien McCants - Bye Week
Adam Vinatieri K
DEF: Buffalo @ KC (who has a better shot, BUF v.s KC or JAX v.s TEN?)
DEF: Miami @ SD
DEF: Jacksonville BENCH V.S. Tennessee

Defensive Players:
Patrick Surtain @ SD
Zach Thomas @ SD
Warren Sapp BENCH V.S. DAL

I appreciate any input, like I said...these next few weeks are crucial for me. :pray:

10-21-2003, 01:58 PM
yo, i say you go with moss. both teams are playing away against pretty weak teams. the eagles defense is probably better but moss is a better receiver and vinny and the jets are starting to pick it up. plus, hes the number 1 receiver for the jets and mccants is second to mason.
keep an eye on thomas. it doesnt look like hes gonna play this week, but if things change i would take him over westbrook. thomas will be running against the lions who we all know are horrible. and the bears are getting frustrated and really want to beat up on someone like the lions which would give thomas a lot of runs late in the game if he plays. whereas the eagles and jets will probably be a closer game resulting in more passing and thus less westbrook and also more santana moss as i already mentioned.
deffinitely go with buffalo's defense over jacksonville. jacksonville doesnt have anything going for them on defense. kansas city has a great offense which makes it hard to go with buffalo but jacksonville is going against tennessee who also has a great offense so i say buffalo.

i apologize if i steer you wrong. im in first and second places in my 2 fantasy leagues, so i would like to think ive got somethine going for me. maybe its having randy moss on both teams. anyhow, i wish you the best of luck in the coming weeks and hope that you can turn your season around.

10-21-2003, 11:18 PM
Thanks alot, most of what you've said are the same thought and views I have. I let ya know how everything goes.