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07-13-2009, 01:35 AM
hey guys im new but not really have been a avid visitor to your guys board just never really felt like posting.But i thought hey nows as good a time as any.Im 30 yrs old and have been a fin fan since i was old enough to remember,so like 25 maybe 26 years,Dan the man was my hero as a child which i can no doubt is alot of your guys as well.Im from tennessee and i am a minority when it comes to fin fans its titans this and titans that, now i do however think jeff fischer is one of the more respectable coaches and stand up guys ive seen in a long time. But sparano is a godsend to me, such fire and passion is truely the right way to caoch this game.I am also a admitted ricky williams fan before and after the suspension.As far as the jason allen thing goes, hes was great for us vols until he broke his hip against florida,i think that has ruined what would have been a great career for him, he just cant cut it now. Anyway im running on and would like to say hi, lets take the division again(i hate the pats and jets and always have), And bring the SB back home to miami , in miami, go fins!!!!!1

07-16-2009, 03:35 PM