View Full Version : NFL Suday Ticket Discount

07-24-2009, 09:16 AM
Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Every year I call Direct TV and complain about the price of Sunday Ticket and most years they give me a discount. For two years they gave me the Super Fan for free. That is the games in HD which cost an extra $100.

I pay for my Sunday Ticket in 6 installments which was $44.99 each. Anyway, they took $20 off each installment which ends up being a $120 discount.

They also gave me Showtime and Starz free for six months.

I know that everyone can't get the discount or that big of a discount. Some may even get a bigger discount. It all depends on how long you have been a customer, how you have spend on equipment and programming packages, and how well you pay your bill on time.

Just thought I would let everyone know. It never hurts to call and see what they will do. Try to talk to the customer retention department instead of a regular customer service person. Tell them you want to cancel your service if they won't connect you to the retention department.

LMK if you call and get any kind of discount. Good Luck!