View Full Version : Marcus Lattimore Eliminates FSU

08-02-2009, 03:26 AM
Oh my...

And the people I know close to the Florida State program SWORE he was a lock after high school teammate Corey Miller committed to the 'Noles recently.

Lee Corso once said, "NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!"

I love how Lattimore states that one of the biggest reasons he eliminated Florida State is because the future probation could put his college career in jeopardy. But on a serious note, if he thinks the Florida State probation is career suicide, then why in the hell is he going to commit to South Carolina when it's all said and done. I think he should wait and see where Lache Seastrunk ends up and then commit to either Auburn or Texas. It's a damn shame we don't need this kid.

One school that a lot of people thought would make the list was Florida State. Marcus explains why they did not make the final five.

"I didn't really get a good vibe with the current players at Florida State. It's a great place though. I really like the coaches. I also didn't want to put my future in jeopardy with them on probation."


08-02-2009, 09:06 AM
another feeble attempt at riling up fsu fans. get a life

08-02-2009, 01:25 PM
Just stating facts. This is huge recruiting news for Florida State. If anything this thread was a knock on South Carolina. I think if I'm a five-star athlete and one of the top recruits in the country I'd much rather go to Florida State than South Carolina.

08-02-2009, 02:12 PM