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08-15-2009, 12:44 AM
Fairly new to the site, I have been keeping an eye on it for most of this year, but have been too lazy to actually make a name and post. I am from Michigan and went to the University of Michigan, but have been a lifelong Dolphins fan due to some family friends who lived in Miami. I was a big Marino fan growing up and hate the way he had to go out (62-7 to the frigging Jags???).

Being a Michigan fan I will freely admit that was rooting wholeheartedly for the Phins to draft Long and Henne (as well as a few other Wolverines, such as Jason Avant, who is great on 3rd down, and Steve Breaston, who is pretty much the same as Ginn but is a better returner IMO), but I am not delirious about my fandom. Meaning that while I am rooting for Henne to be successful and think that he will be a good to great starter, I am not going to call for him to replace Pennington while Penny is clearly producing better than most QB's in the league.

I'm looking forward to a good year and another division title!