View Full Version : Online Franchise Players Needed

Raging Bull
08-15-2009, 12:13 PM
I currently have 4-5 players for the online franchise, but I would like to have as many as possible. A good 15 would be do, but th emore the better. Im not sure how the scheduling works ont here yet, but obviously we need people that are actually going to be able to play. I just dont wanna be stuck in a grou[ that isn't going to actually play.As for trades and depth chart and offseason management, all of that can be done online or on your i phone app and such. It looks really cool how they set it up, but please if you are interested, lemme know or shoot me a message on XBox live

My gamertag is King Robbie13

Oh and btw i call the Dolphins as my franchise.:d-day: