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08-18-2009, 10:15 PM
I decided to start a thread where we can all post our amazing Madden stories. I'll start it off by telling you guys about an amazing comeback I just had.

Cardinals @ Dolphins

1st Quarter
Arizona got ball first drove down and scored a touchdown.
My first possesion was a pick six by Pennington to Dansby.
Got the ball back, drove down the field and fumbled, which Arizona turned into 7.
End of 1st quarter, I'm down 21-0 early.
2nd Quarter
I get the ball back and drive down the field.
Crucial 4th and 3 come up so I run the wildcat and complete a 6 yard pass from Ronnie Brown to Chad Pennington.
Couple of plays later, Pennington tosses a touchdown to Ginn
Arizona gets the ball back, throws a pick to Channing Crowder and I return it to the Arizona 11.
Score a touchdown with Lousaka Polite as time expires in the 1st half.
3rd Quarter
I get the ball and drive down the field.
Ronnie Brown gets hurt. Run the power O out of the wildcat, Ricky Williams produces a 34 yard TD.
Cardinals get the ball, throw a pick 6 to Vontae Davis, I take the lead 28-21.
4th Quarter
Arizona gets the ball again, scored a TD, Tie game.
2:30 left and i start driving.
After the 2 min warning I hooked up with Greg Camarillo for a 37 yard completion, which put me on the Arizona 30.
So I started just running up the middle, slowly gaining yards.
Eventually made it to the 11, and kicked the game winning field goal to win.
Before I could do so though..... The guy disconnected....:crazy:
OUTCOME: 31-28 Miami Dolphins
(Sorry i rambled on about this, I was very close to quitting when i was down 21-0, so I'm really happy about this)

08-18-2009, 11:35 PM
I got another one.

Ravens @ Dolphins

1st Quarter
I get ball first, throw a pick to Ed Reed.
Their drive stalls, FG attempt missed.
Stalemate the rest of the quarter.
2nd Quarter
Stalemate... Nothing happens.
3rd Quarter
Again, the Ravens miss another FG.
Still 0-0
4th Quarter
So I run the quick pitch with Ronnie Brown who just gets leveled by Ray Lewis. Ronnie Brown fumbled, and the Ravens pick it up and take it in for a TD. 7-0
When I got the ball this time, I didn't disapoint. I completed an 87 yard TD pass to Brandon London.
Baltimore's drive stalled again and I was given a chance to end this.
I get into a rhythm and take the offense all the way down to the Baltimore 21.
3rd and 7, 41 ticks left. Ricky Williams on the Power O, FUMBLES and again, Baltimore recovered.
Ravens run the clock out, were headed to OT.
Ok so he won the coin flip, and get this... HE ELECTED TO KICK
I knew I couldn't blow this opportunity, so I steadily drove the offense down the field. I hit davone Bess over the middle for a 24 yard gain to seal the game.
Dan Carpenter nailed the 43 yard field goal, and I again am victorious.