View Full Version : Georgia robbers steal mom's car with kids inside

08-25-2009, 01:24 PM
A Fulton County, Georgia mother was shot at, carjacked, and had her kids taken by burglars at her home last weekend.

The kids are back, and very little damage was done, but police are still searching for suspects in the case.

The whole experience lasted a half-hour -- 30 minutes Alicia Cabrera never wants to experience again.

"He was like, 'Open the door, get out, get out,'" Cabrera said. "He pulled me out by my legs. It's just so crazy."

Cabrera came home with her three kids last night to find a strange vehicle in the driveway. She got out and wound up confronting men who were trying to rob her -- and then, shot at her.

"He had the gun to my head and he slung me around," she said. "That's when I ran to my car, and that's when they fired at me. I guess because it was dark? I don't know how they missed."

They did get to the car, Cabrera's three kids still inside it. Five-year-old Zorien got out, but the burglars stole the vehicle with eight-year-old Devian and two-year-old Nikeo in the back.