View Full Version : Injuries on the rise?

08-31-2009, 09:53 PM
Ok so after watching a hand-full of preseason games so far I have noticed something happen more then ever, in my perspective.

Players hitting downed opponents.

It doesn't seem all that significant and maybe most people haven't really noticed this but when a player is down and another player barrels into them after they have hit the ground, we are going to surely see some nasty injuries. Now I know that players are trying to attack the other team with brute force and momentum comes into play, but I feel like every game I watch I can point out too many.

Some of you may think "well that's football, people are going to play rough and people are going to get hurt". But where do you draw the line? I see players out on the field desperately trying to make the team and putting in 110% but are playing unnecessarily dangerous.

I am not a fan of seeing players go down with injuries (minus Tom Brady) but when its a clean hit, its a clean hit. In this situation players are going to get hurt, but I doubt there is any solution to the problem. The last thing I want to see is officials throwing more flags, but imagine Ronnies knee getting blown out after he's been tackled to the ground?

What do you guys think? Have you noticed this? If not, comment on this thread after Thrusday if you noticed then. I feel like I cannot be the only one noticing these "late hits".