View Full Version : A Dolfan and Matt Ryan 2009 NFL Experience story

09-13-2009, 11:18 AM
This past Feb my husband and I planned to attend the NFL Experience that takes place before the Super Bowl. Our marriage was past being "on the rocks" and was "over the cliff" but I just wanted to get out of town for the day so off we went to Tampa a 2 hour drive north from Fort Myers. The weather turned crappy and we had a full day of rain but I was going to make the best of it. I had read about the event but had no clear idea of what to expect but I was blown away by how much there was to see and do.
One event is the Canon picture contest and booth where anyone can get their picture taken with an NFL Player. The Players change every hour or so and you can wait in line to get your picture with each player for FREE! Canon is amazing if there are 4 people in your picture with player they give you 4 pictures and holders.

When Matt Ryan came up we just had to wait in line for pictures and as a good wife I let spouse and his 2 sons go first to get individual pictures so I could get pictures with my own camera as well. When I went up to Matt I shook his hand and thanked him for bringing some class back to the Falcons he said thank you for thinking that and we looked forward smiling to get our picture taken by one of many Canon photographers. At that moment time stood still all the photographers were busy elsewhere and I realized I had an extra moment or two too stand there with Matt Ryan, COOL! I looked up at him and said "I guess they forgot about us but its ok I get to stand here with you a bit longer" he looked down at me smiled and said "yeah its all good". He then tucked me up tight under his arm and stood there with me until they were ready to take our picture. He melted my heart............my husband had been a jerk all day and here was this young NFL player giving a warm fuzzy feeling to a 45 year old Dolfan who was getting no love anywhere else that day.
Thank You Matt Ryan for giving me a warm fuzzy that I feel everytime I think of that day.
You can see the picture on my myspace.com/swfla_dolfan

I almost feel guilty that he will get beat by my Dolphins today but he will handle that as the gracious gentleman that he is. I feel someday, if he stays healthy, we will be talking about him in the same breath as Dan Marino, Chad Pennington, Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Joe Montana and so on..........