View Full Version : Dumb move of the day: Guy impersonating Police officer pulls over real police officer

09-21-2009, 10:56 AM
SHREVEPORT, La. (Sept. 15) - Police say a man impersonating an officer with a flashing red light in his car has been arrested after he pulled over the wrong driver the mayor of Shreveport, La.
Police think the suspect was using the in-dash light to maneuver through traffic Monday night in northwest Louisiana. Mayor Cedric Glover says he pulled over when the car drove behind him, but the fake officer then sped away.

link (http://news.aol.com/article/fake-cop-arrested-after-stopping-mayor/671080?icid=main|main|dl3|link7|http%3A%2F%2Fnews.aol.com%2Farticle%2Ffake-cop-arrested-after-stopping-mayor%2F671080)