View Full Version : Which Sex Is Pickier?

09-23-2009, 04:59 PM
New research shows it may not be a question of gender. It may come down to this one tiny detail.

The long-held belief is that women are more selective than men when it comes to mate selection. Why? Because females are programmed to consider the reproductive cost of choosing a partner, in other words, what bearing and raising children with the potential partner would be like.
A new study challenges this view. Typically at speed-dating events, single men make the rounds while single women remain seated. But when researchers at Northwestern University invited 350 undergrads to a round of four-minute speed-dates, they had women remain seated while men rotated for eight of the events and they had men remain seated while women rotated for the remaining seven events.

They found that the rotating students, regardless of gender, experienced more romantic desire and confidence (as indicated by their responses) after each date. What's more, after the rounds of speed dating ended and it was time for the students to go to a website to decide if they wanted to see their speed-date match-ups again, the students who were actively approaching rather than waiting to be approached were more keen on seeing their potential mates again.


09-24-2009, 03:54 AM
girls are - i'm pretty easy - all i need is a 18-19 year old, still looks 16 w/ a nice face, tight body and doesn't speak any english