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10-04-2009, 09:38 AM
1:Brandon Spikes,ILB out of Florida(6'4",254)
[what more is neccessary to say?]

2:Michael Morgan,OLB out of USC(6'4",224)
[Obviously,he'd have to add another 10-15 lbs. but make no mistake,he can perform in a 3-4.Porter is starting to show his age,and Jason(Taylor) is only here for a year,and after that we really down have ample talent at either linebacker positions.While Cam will probably take over JTs spot,Michael can understudy Porter for a year,and push to start in 2011.]

3:Kenrick Ellis,NT out of Hampton(6'5",340)
[coming out of Hampton,he is already accustomed to the 3-4 defense.He is a load at 340 lbs.,although,Im guessing Sparano would want to cut that down 5-7 pounds,but he is a 3-4 NT through and through.]

4:Stephen Williams,WR out of Toledo(6'5",199)
[this guy definately could havethe highest ceiling of ANY WR in the draft this year.Just the other day,he went for 10 recp. for 231 yards(ALL recieving) and 2 TDs,and the firts game of the year,he hauled in 15 for 185.His 2nd year in college,he had 73 catches,for 1,169 yards and 7 TDs.Turst me,this guy had hands,and the spee(4.5) to become an above average number 1 WR,much like Brandon Marshall or Vincent Jackson.]

5:Montario Hardesty,RB out of Tennesse(6'0",215)
[Now,this isnt a homer pick(Im not a Vol fan....I stay wit DA U) so you cant say that.Montarios stock is rising fast,and could actually go higher if he continues to perform,but with Ricky being gone in 2011,Ronnie's contract situation still a myst,not to mention Cobbs is Mr. Everything,but only to a certain extent and Hilliard hasnt faced a NFL's number 1 D.]

6:Alex Carrington,DE out of Arkansas State(6'5",284)
[His stock hasdropped a few round,and with pretty much all the juniors coming out,he gets pushed even further,but he is a good prospect for a pass rushing 3-4 end.Runs a 4.78(prett fast for an end his size),because although Langford,and Merling are getting to the QB,we need guys in the rotation who are capable of getting to the QB,and Carrington can do it.]

6b:Greg Lloyd,ILB out of Connecticut(6'2",245)
[good prospect,who could tun out to be pretty serviceable...
more than that...who knows.....]

7:Brett Greenwood,FS out of Iowa(6'0",200)
[dont know too much about him,but safety is a need,and Greenwoods looked good for Iowa.]

7b:Jaspar Howard,CB out of Connecticut(5'10",180)
[again,not much info on him,but Sparano seems to covet Connecicut players....so,lol....]

10-04-2009, 10:49 AM
If we are in the top ten picks in the draft, I think Spikes would be going to high. I hear a lot of people say he is end of 1st, early 2nd pick.

10-04-2009, 11:00 AM
I wouldn't be surprised if he drops to an early second pick.

10-04-2009, 12:25 PM
I would rather take mcclain over spikes he fits the 3-4 better imo. But if we are a top 10 team then really i just dont see us going LB in the top 10. There are a few good NT's to take like Cody, and there are a few good safeties and wrs in the top 10 area that seem to be more pressing needs. It is far easier to find a linebacker then it is to find a Nose Tackle in the draft.

10-05-2009, 04:53 PM
I'll take McClain over Spikes all day long....perfect fit inside in a 3-4...and the best block shedding linebacker in the country IMO....

Everyone wondered how he would perform without his right hand man Hightower.....It was clear to me that Rolando McClain was going to be a 1st round pick when Hightower was still playing high school football...

But since we're on the subject....McClain had 10 tackles, 1 PBU, 1 INT, 1 FF, and caused another INT for one of his teammates in 3 quarters of action against Kentucky....

I'm not a fan of mock drafts, especially this early.....but Alex Carrington is the best pick in this particular mock IMO.....he's a first day pick come April....fabulous player and exceptional athlete from a smaller school who always stands out in games....just like he did Saturday against Iowa.....could even project as a 5 technique in the mold of Kendall Langford...