View Full Version : The Packers' nightmare comes true

10-06-2009, 02:30 PM
It's only a partial score at this point, and things could change later in the contest, but so far I've got it the Revenge of Brett Favre 1, Green Bay's dreams of vindication zero.

Hard to imagine this wasn't the doomsday scenario the Packers feared the most when they considered how this highly anticipated Monday night at the Metrodome might play out.

What could have been worse than the exquisite agony of watching the on-fire Favre sit back in the pocket virtually unmolested and pick the Green Bay secondary apart with one of the most complete and controlled performances of his 19-year NFL career?

The Packers couldn't stop Favre on this night any more than they stopped him from winding up in Minnesota to begin with. They couldn't match the Vikings' potent mixture of offensive firepower and efficiency in Minnesota's 30-23 win.


10-06-2009, 07:05 PM
Yet, in the end, life goes on. The Green Bay Packers are still here and they have a decent team of their own. And Aaron Rodgers didn't exactly tank it in a game that was one of the biggest of his career.

At least Brett Favre was 100 percent classy in this whole business, he said all the right things and I didn't come out of the whole experience thinking about how much the Packers made a mistake, I just realized that Brett Favre still had it and while I've despised him over the last couple years, he's really been showing up all the doubters like me.