View Full Version : Dutch website looking for Dolphin fans

10-07-2009, 09:06 AM
Goodday Dolphin fans,

I currently own a succesfull local news website in the Netherlands. A friend of mine visited Miami recently an we came up with the idea of starting a website in Miami. The idea of the site is that it focuses on the local sport clubs and puts the fans in a central position. Think of pictures of fans and everything that happens around the home games. You can take a look at our current site at hndb.nl. It's all in Dutch but maybe you can get the idea.

Therefore we are looking for fans who photograph at the Dolphin games. At the soccer games in my hometown we host a "Babe of the Match" competition at every home game. We take pictures of three ladies and the fans choose there Babe of the Match. The winner receives some prices from local businesses. It might be a nice idea to set up something similar at the Dolphins games.

Fans who want to help us generate content (pictures) for this new site can contact us. The whole project is in its early stages so we can use all the help we can get. We already have thought up some names for the sites that we would like to discuss with you guys. I wont place them here because havent claimed the domainnames yet. Feel free to contact us to talk about it.

Kind reagard,

Bjorn Wolters
The Netherlands