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10-07-2009, 12:24 PM

1) Sam Bradford-Oklahoma
2) Jake Locker-Washington
3) Jimmy Clausen-Notre Dame
4) Jevan Snead-Mississippi
5) Tony Pike-Cincinnati
6) Colt McCoy-Texas
7) Dan LeFevour-Central Michigan
8) Zac Robinson-OKlahoma State
9) Tim Hiller-Western Michigan
10) Max Hall-BYU

[Running Back]

1) Jonathan Dwyer-Georgia Tech
2) Jahvid Best-California
3) CJ Spiller-Clemson
4) Evan Royster-Penn State
5) Charles Scott-LSU
6) Anthony Dixon-Mississippi State
7) Chris Brown-Oklahoma
8) Demarco Murray-Oklahoma
9) Kendall Hunter-Oklahoma State
10) Noel Devine-West VIrginia

[Wide Receiver]

1. Dez Bryant-Oklahoma State
2. Damien Williams-USC
3. Arrelious Benn-Illinois
4. Brandon LaFell-LSU
5. Demaryus Thomas-Georgia Tech
6. Eric Decker-Minnesota
7. Mardy Gilyard-Cincinnati
8. Mike Williams-Syracuse
9. Jordan Shipley-Texas
10. Golden Tate-Notre Dame

[Tight End]

1. Jermaine Gresham-Oklahoma
2. Rob Gronkowski-Arizona
3. Aaron Hernandez-Florida
4. DJ Williams-Arkansas
5. Dennis Pitta-BYU
6. Anthony McCoy-USC
7. Nate Byham-Pittsburgh
8. Ed Dickson-Oregon
9. Welye Saunders-South Carolina
10. Andrew Quarless-Penn State

[Offensive Tackle]

1. Russell Okung-Oklahoma State
2. Trent Williams-Oklahoma
3. Bryan Bulaga-Iowa
4. Anthony Davis-Rutgers
5. Ciron Black-LSU
6. Charles Brown-USC
7. Jarriel King-South Carolina
8. Selvish Caper-West Virginia
9. Bruce Campbell-Maryland
10. Sam Young-Notre Dame


1. Rodney Hudson-Florida State
2. Mike Johnson-Alabama
3. Mike Pouncey-florida
4. Orlando Franklin-Miami
5. Thomas Austin-Clemson
6. John Jerry-Mississippi
7. Brandon Carter-Texas Tech
8. Jon Asamoah-Illinois
9. Mitch Petrus-Arkansas
10. Sergio Render-Virginia Tech


1. Kris O'Dowd-USC
2. Stefen Wisniewski-Penn State
3. Matt Tennant-Boston College
4. John Estes-Hawaii
5. Chris Hall-Texas
6. Eric Olson-Notre Dame
7. JD Walton-Baylor
8. Ted Larsen-NC State
9. Phil Costa-Maryland
10. Eric Cook-New Mexico


1. Joe Haden-Florida
2. Syd'Quan Thompson-California
3. Ras I Dowling-Virginia
4. Trevard Lindley-Kentucky
5. Patrick Robinson-Florida State
6. Donovan Warren-Michigan
7. Domonique Franks-Oklahoma
8. Brandon Ghee-Wake Forest
9. Parrish Cox-Oklahoma State
10. Myron Lewis-Vanderbilt


1. Eric Berry-Tennessee
2. Taylor Mays-USC
3. Morgan Burnett-Georgia Tech
4. Reshad Jones-Georgia
5. Chad Jones-LSU
6. Deunta Williams-North Carolina
7. Darrell Stuckey-Kansas
8. Nate Allen-South Florida
9. Major Wright-Florida
10. Myron Rolle-Florida State

[Middle Linebacker]

1. Brandon Spikes-Florida
2. Rolando McClain-Alabama
3. Greg Jones-Michigan State
4. Daryl Washington-TCU
5. Sean Lee-Penn State
6. Micah Johnson-Kentucky
7. Jamar Chaney-Mississippi State
8. Pat Angerer-Iowa
9. Joe Pawalek-Baylor
10. Quan Sturdivant-North Carolina

[Outside Linebacker]

1. Rennie Curran-Georgia
2. Sean Weatherspoon-Missouri
3. Michael Morgan-USC
4. Navarro Bowman-Penn State
5. Malcolm Smith-USC
6. Justin Cole-San Jose State
7. Rico McCoy-Tennessee
8. Roddrick Muckelroy-Texas
9. Eric Norwood-South Carolina
10. Dekoda Watson-Florida State

[Defensive End]

1. Sergio Kindle-Texas
2. Jerry Hughes-TCU
3. Greg Hardy-Mississippi
4. Carlos Dunlap-Florida
5. Everson Griffin-USC
6. Derrick Morgan-Georgia Tech
7. Greg Romeus-Pittsburgh
8. George Selvie-South Florida
9. Corey Wotton-Northwestern
10. Brandon Garham-Michigan

[Defensive Tackle]

1. Ndamukong Suh-Nebraska
2. Gerald McCoy-Oklahoma
3. Terrence Cody-Alabama
4. Arthur Jones-Syracuse
5. Geno Atkins-Georgia
6. Boo Robinson-Wake Forest
7. D'Anthony Smith-Louisiana Tech
8. Vince Ogobaase-Duke
9. Jared Odrick-Penn State
10. Marvin Austin-North Carolina

10-07-2009, 06:22 PM
only issue I have is Sam Young even in your top 10. Sam Young was supposed to be a stud, but I have never seen an OT get away with so much holding in my life. He also really struggles against pass rushers.

10-07-2009, 08:29 PM
CTRL+F "Tebow"


I'm no Tebow fan, but come on. Dan LeFevour is basically a poor man's Tebow in a weaker conference.

Other than that, could you indicate which guys at each position would be ideal for a 3-4?

10-07-2009, 11:03 PM
My early wish list for a future Dolphin:

1 E. Berry
2 N. Suh
3 T. Mays
4 R. McClain
5 D. Bryant
6 G. McCoy
7 B. Spikes

10-08-2009, 08:34 AM
I am not sold on Tebow as an NFL Quarterback what so ever. His throwing motion is slower than Fat Albert chasing a carrot. Tebow is a GREAT player and will be selected in the 1st Round but he will never be a great NFL Quarterback like many think....

10-08-2009, 01:05 PM
I think too many people take pure mechanics a little too far. Tebow is a winner and the hardest working athlete on the football field. He'll find a way to be a good QB in the NFL. Now, I'm not saying he's the next Dan Marino, but I do think he'll do better than 7-8 out of those top 10 QBs up on that list.

People have doubted Tebow every step along the way and he's proved EVERYBODY wrong. People said coming into college that the spread will never work for a QB like Tebow. Wrong. After his freshman year, people said Tebow only knows how to run and has no arm. Wayyyy Wrong. He's accurate, has a huge arm, smart, and brings a ton of versatility to the game. If the right system is set up for him, he'll be very successful.

On to other notes. I've always been a CJ Spiller fan. I think he'll do great in the NFL.

While obviously I'm a Gator homer, I can be honest with myself, and I'm not so sure how much I love Brandon Spikes in the #1 spot for his position. He's really awesome, but I'm just not sure how dominant he'll be in the NFL. I don't see it yet.

10-08-2009, 02:37 PM
Intangibles aside, Tebow will be garbage as an NFL QB. His throwing mechanics are worse than Byron Leftwich, his footwork is sloppy, and he couldn't hit white whale in an oil spill because his accuracy is so damn bad.

10-08-2009, 05:02 PM
Intangibles aside, Tebow will be garbage as an NFL QB. His throwing mechanics are worse than Byron Leftwich, his footwork is sloppy, and he couldn't hit white whale in an oil spill because his accuracy is so damn bad.

Those are all coachable skills. If you give a guy with the work ethic that Tebow possesses some time under a proven QB, he will end up being a productive NFL QB. Obviously, he's absurdly raw as a QB prospect, but come on. Dan LeFaeour? Tim Hiller? Gimme a break. If you just don't like Tim Tebow, say it.

FYI, I'm a total Hurricanes homer and despise the Gators.

10-09-2009, 04:06 AM
tebow should be #7 on that list at the very least. i'll never understand how so many people have written an athlete like him off already. i'm not sold either - but come on.

10-09-2009, 09:07 AM
oh no not another tebow thread.

10-09-2009, 05:22 PM
oh no not another tebow thread.

Tim Tebow is better then haggis. :chuckle: