View Full Version : Make A Line for These Guys to Jerk Off Bret Favre

11-03-2003, 12:29 AM
I'm watching the Vikes-Pack game as I speak its about to end with the Pack leading by a TD and threatening to score. And it is so annoying listening to these ESPN guys idolize Bret Favre like if he's their favorite guy in their favorite boy band.

Although I admit Favre is a great player but is it necessary to here these comments again and again:

"This is Favreism at its best"
"Ah, I'm in love everytime I watch this kid (Favre) play"
"Look at him go! There he goes! Ladies and gentlemen were you watching a piece of history in the making?"
"This boy is something so special"
"No one does it better than Favre"
"Favre looks like he has big balls"

Its ridiculous! These 3 yuppies including Thiesmann, Chris Berman, and John Madden need to form a line to get to blow Favre just to settle their desires. I'm tired of all this favoritism. Or maybe I'm just tired since its late.