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10-17-2009, 09:43 AM
I didnt see a thread, so I thought I would create it and a little review

**Spoiler Alert**

I am usually disappointed by horror movies because to be perfectly honest 98% are not scare, but HOLY **** this movie creepied me out. I have not slept well in the 3 days since I saw this movie. Growing up, I think ALL of us have been scared of what may be going on in our rooms when we are sleeping and totally defenseless. This movie exploits that fear in a very real way . Its alot like the Blair Witch project, which exploited the fear of being lost in the woods. There are two no name actors, a shoe string budget (at least when the movie was made. It was made for like 11,000 dollars), and a digital camera on a tripod ( for the most part). It works.

The scene where she is dragged out of bed and into the hallway is HAUNTING and when she is possessed and gets out of bed only to stand in one stop and stare at her husband for like two hours, so just ****en creepy. Is it the scariest movie ever? NO, but it is pretty freaken scary.

Myles Fynch
11-11-2009, 10:43 AM
Just found this like a month late.. ha ha.

Yeah, I saw this one too. Probably the third or fourth night before I could turn out the lights without thinking about it. A few nights ago I was on the computer late and the power went out. There I was at the keyboard at 12:30am in the pitch black and I started thinking about the movie again. Sheesh.

I would say this movie was about 80% Blair Witch Project and 20% The Exorcist. Lots of hand held camera work, not much in the way of special effects... just a scary story. It was darker than I expected; I thought it would be about ghosts, but demons are a different deal altogether. Freaked my friend out, too.

Not a must see and not particularly ground breaking, but if you like scary stuff and don't require $100mil in CGI effects to make you jump, this one will do the trick. I'd rate it three coffins out of five, and probably add the dvd to my collection when it hits $10.