View Full Version : MiamiDofan85's NFL Mock Draft(2 rounds)

10-24-2009, 06:08 PM
1-TB=Ndamukong Suh,DT out of Nebraska(6'4",300)

2-DET=Russell Okung,OT out of Okalahoma State(6'6",305)

3-TEN=Eric Berry,SS out of Tennessee(5'11",203)

4-CLE= Gerald McCoy,DE out of Oklahoma(64,304)

5-STL= Jimmy Clausen,QB out of Notre Dame(6'3",226)

6-OAK=Taylor Mays,FS out of USC(6'3",230)

7-KC=Charles Brown,OT out of USC(6'6",298)

8-SF(from CAR)=Carlos Dunlap,DE out of Florida(6'6",290)

9-WAS=Jake Locker,QB out of Washington(6'3",230)

10-SF=Sean Weatherspoon,OLB out of Missouri(6'1",245)

11-BUF=Trent Williams,OT out of Oklahoma(6'5",308)

12-SEA=Jahvid Best,RB out of California(5'11",195)

13-GB=Greg Hardy,DE out of Ole Miss(6'5",275)

14-JAC= Marvin Austin,DE out of North Carolina(6'4",304)

15-NYJ=Sergio Kindle,OLB out of Texas(6'4",255)

16-PIT=Brandon Graham,OLB out of Michigan(6'1",263)

17-HOU=Terrance Cody,NT out of Alabama(6'5",365)

18-SD=Johnathan Dwyer,RB out of Georgia Tech(5'11",235)

19-ARZ=Ricky Sapp,OLB out of Clemson(6'4",248)

20-DAL=Dez Bryant,WR out of Oklahoma State(6'2",220)

21-NE=Corey Wootton,DE out of Northwestern(6'7",275)

22-DEN(from CHI)=Arthur Jones,DE out of Syracuse(6'4",293)

23-MIA=Rolando McClain,ILB out of Alabama(6'4",260)

24-PHI=Brandon Spikes,MLB out of Florida(6'4",253)

25-SEA(from DEN)=Sam Bradford,QB out of Oklahoma(6'4",218)

26-MIN=Brian Price,DT out of UCLA(6'3",300)

27-BAL=Arrelious Benn,WR out of Illinois(6'2",220)

28-ATL=Jermaine Gresham,TE out of Oklahoma(6'6",265)

29-CIN=C.J. Spiller,RB out of Clemson(5'11",195)

30-NYG=Donovan Warren,CB out of Michigan(6'0",185)

31-IND=Bryan Bulaga,OT out of Iowa(6'6",312)

32-NO=Allen Bailey,DT out of Miami(6'4",288)


33-TB=Damian Williams,WR out of USC(6'1",194)

34-DET=Tevard Lindley,CB out of Kentucky(5'11",180)

35-NE(from TEN)=Ryan Matthews,RB out of Fresno State(5'11",220)

36-CLE=Chad Jones,FS out of LSU(6'3",230)

37-STL=Brandon LaFell,WR out of LSU(6'3,206)

38-OAK=Jared Odrick,DT out of Penn State(6'5",298)

39-KC=Eric Norwood,OLB out of South Carolina(6'0",255)

40-CAR=Tony Pike,QB out of Cinncinati(6'6",210)

41-WAS=Jason Fox,OT out of Miami(6'6",314)

42-SF=Phil Taylor,NT out of Baylor(6'5",355)

43-BUF=Bruce Carter,OLB out of North Carolina(6'3",235)

44-SEA=Anthony Davis,OT out of Rutgers(6'6",325)

45-GB=Lawrence Marsh,DE out of Florida(6'4",305)

46-NE(from JAC)=Selvish Capers,OT out of West Virginia(6'5",298)

47-NYJ=Vince Oghobaase,DE out of Duke(6'5",305)

48-PIT=Ras-I Dowling,CB out of Virginia(6'2",200)

49-HOU=Perrish Cox,CB out of Oklahoma State(6'0",198)

50-SD=Tyson Aluala,DE out of California(6'2",295)

51-ARZ=Patrick Robinson,CB out of Florida St.(5'9",190)

52-DAL=Bruce Campbell,OT out of Maryland(6'7,310)

53-NE=Brandon Lang,OLB out of Troy(6'5",250)

54-TB(from CHI)=George Selvie,DE out of South Florida(6'4",245)

55-MIA=Jerry Hughes,OLB out of TCU(6'3",257)

56-PHI=Mike Lupati,OG out of Idaho(6'5",330)

57-DEN=Daryl Washington,ILB out of TCU(6'2,242)

58-MIN=Colt McCoy,QB out of Texas(6'3",216)

59-BAL=Dominque Franks,CB out of Oklahoma(6'0",192)

60-KC(from ATL)=Golden Tate,WR out of Notre Dame(5'11",195)

61-CIN=Morgan Burnett,FS out of Georgia Tech(6'1",210)

62-NYG=Mike Pouncey,C out of Florida(6'5",318)

63-IND=Syd'Quan Thompson,CB out of California(5'10",186)

64-NO=Derrick Morgan,DE out of Georgia Tech(6'4",272)

10-24-2009, 08:43 PM
Love first round. Doubt it will happen. 2nd-Id prolly go ILb like u did or Saftey.

10-25-2009, 01:34 AM
i can live with those picks...we'd certainly be addressing 2 areas of need...

10-25-2009, 06:34 AM
i'd be pretty happy if we were able to land both Rolando McClain and Jerry Hughes.