View Full Version : Miranda Kerr is the definition of beauty

11-07-2009, 10:16 PM
I haven't ventured into the Ladies Lounge in years but I thought I'd drop in and see how it's doing. I'm sure there's been a thread about her but I didn't see one on the front page so I thought I'd contribute some pics of the beautiful Miranda Kerr.

I tried making all the pictures smaller and the same size but they still turn out large, hope you don't mind http://www.finheaven.com/clear.gif

http://www.finheaven.com/images/imported/2009/11/miranda_kerr_topless_pirelli_shoot_mSTPw-1.jpg http://www.finheaven.com/images/imported/2009/11/miranda_kerr_miranda_runway_5_big_pnrnlS-1.jpg http://www.finheaven.com/images/imported/2009/11/mirandakerr1-1.jpg http://www.finheaven.com/clear.gif http://www.finheaven.com/images/imported/2009/11/mirandakerrinabikini-1.jpg http://www.finheaven.com/clear.gif http://www.finheaven.com/images/imported/2009/11/miranda_kerr_bikini_9_big1-1.jpg http://www.finheaven.com/images/imported/2009/11/gallery_main0305_miranda_kerr_bikini_05-1.jpg http://www.finheaven.com/images/imported/2009/11/miranda_kerr_ralph_4-1.jpg

11-15-2009, 10:05 PM
I'm glad I got over 600 views and not one person was compelled to post lol.