View Full Version : Regarding the rep system

11-29-2009, 01:11 PM
First of all, is there anyway for me to disable mine? Or is that only the mods?

I'm just so tired of seeing this system abused. People just seem to give you negative rep just for fun, and put something like an "h" in the comment. What is the point in that?

Time and time again, I've seen people with the bar lit up with red make good posts, and people lit up with green make dumb posts. I've been there before, made a few dumb posts myself. But I'm beginning to think the rep system is just a popularity contest. I personally would not have a bar that tells people that my opinion should or shouldn't be noted and taken seriously. Respected posters here should be known by their name.

Of course, I wouldn't have to say this if people didn't abuse the system so much. If names appeared with the comments, people wouldn't be taking advantage of being anonymous.

So I'm just asking, maybe consider adding names to the comments, or removing the system altogether?

Or at least deactivate my rep bar. That'd be just as well to me also. :thanks:

P.S. My post was made at 11:11. How's that for wishful thinking? :chuckle:

11-29-2009, 11:35 PM
I can't believe how much i agree with Rep requiring a sig to tell you who posts it... I think it is a great idea...