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One Love
12-01-2009, 05:51 PM
What are your favorite plays on offense. my d is fine, i'm running the 4-3.. do you guys have any killer plays or a great way to set up the depth chart? do you use pat white or henne? or even pennington? ha i'm lost.

12-02-2009, 01:10 AM
My man. I also run the 4-3, it's great to pass rush with. I really messed around with my depth chart on defense. I use the Titan's defensive playbook with the Run N Gun offense. My defense looks like this:
LE-Cam Wake
DT- Merling
DT- Langford
LOLB- Jason Taylor
MLB- Channing Crowder
ROLB- Akin Ayodele or Yeremiah Bell
CB- Sean Smith
CB- Vontae
FS- Chris Clemons (He's nice)
SS- Gibril Wilson

My offense I don't play injured players so Ronnie is out. I put Ted Ginn number 1 receiver for the deep threat, run the ball a lot with Ricky, short passes to Hartline and Bess inside to get down the field. I'll occasionally throw it deep to Ginn and catch the D off guard on a play action.

I'm 119-31 so it's worked well for me ahaha.

12-02-2009, 07:16 AM
i run the multiple d, put wake at le, jt at re,and fergie and starks at dt on the 4-3 my lbs are porter rlb, akin at mlb and crowder on the left, on the 3-4 i put merling at re, and langford at le, and of course fregie at nt, and of course the trick is on passing downs blitz in with wake from the le spot he gets in there quick

12-02-2009, 07:30 AM
the trick to the game is what draft class you get after the first year, i have come across the perfect draft class, where you fill holes at the lb spot, at wr, at rb, cb and dt, look for players named bernie guy wr, xavier washington wr, those 2 are like fitz and boldin with 99 speed, there are some lb's demico boldin, willie tavern, devon stream, that are awesome, boldin and tavern play olb and are 90 speed, the dt i forgot who it is that is good, at rb there is dj rodriguez who comes in at 97 speed i have returned 2 punt returns and a kick off return with him in one game against the jets felt great. i release torbor, anderson and akin, and crowder i trade, because i cannot stand him too much money for what there potential and rating are. the trick is to simulate your preseason, before it tells u to advance to the reg. season save it. then if you do not get a draft class that suits you quit, and reload from that save point. i have come across some very good mlb, brody miller, sam simmons, mario rodriguez, and ben gray, and all of them have 90 speed, the best of them is ben gray, but his draft class is very weak