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12-04-2009, 11:18 PM
Late riser who looks poised for a big future

I was turned on recently to Connecticut wideout Marcus Easley, a former walk-on who has never been real productive at the college level. However, over the past five games, Easley has caught 24 balls for 533 yards and five touchdowns, and has emerged as Connecticut’s go-to receiver.

The 6'2", 216-pound wideout showcases impressive initial bursts off the line, and does a great job widening his routes, and giving himself additional space to operate down the field. He’s a coordinated receiver who possesses the balance to cleanly get out of his breaks, and adjust to the football.

He looked so natural this weekend against Cincinnati setting up his routes, and easily creating separation from the Bearcats’ corners down the field, that he looks like a guy who could potentially develop into a starting-caliber wideout at the next level.

He did have two bad drops, and needs to improve his concentration in traffic, but I think that will come with more experience.


Vert impressive for a former walk-on.Sparano is very familar with his connection in Connecticut,so Im pretty sure Easley has come up on his radar,and hopefully hes taking a strong look.This guy is 6'2",216,and runs a 4.40,but his hands are so natural when he catches it,and is a disciplined route runner.A knock on him is experience and concentration to follow through,but thats overcomable.


currently projected 5th rounder.

He is definately shooting up teams draft boards.And when he finally turns in his stats and numbers at pro day,hes gonna be one of the fastest rising players in the draft.I can without a doubt vouch for putting him all the way up to the 3rd round in my lastest mock.

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12-06-2009, 03:23 AM
Not a big fan. He plays slow and doesn't catch the balls with his hands. He was invisible for a few games. I have watched him a lot and don't think he will be anything. Dezi Cullen on the other hand may be an all pro punter from UCONN.

01-19-2010, 01:11 PM
I became a member of the forum just to write about this guy ( i saw someone had beat me to it..lol). If the Dolphins for some reason do not address the WR the 1st three rounds, this is someone with alot of upside that we can get in the 4th round. I just saw a video of his highlights and it looks good. I would post the link but dont have enough posts to be able to.This is a better looking pick than drafting Patrick Turner in the 3rd last year. He was a walkon who finally was given a chance to contribute and showed he can play.

01-19-2010, 02:37 PM
been on finheaven for years now. i dont post too often but i wanted to touch on this kid quickly. for those of you who dont know he was a wr for uconn. i played highschool football with him at Bunnell high school in C.T. marcus is a good friend of mine and he told be that his coach had spoken to a few teams about him. everyones favorite....lol New england and miami. i find it interesting and refreshing that coach sparano keep slose tabs on his home state products. i grew up and played football 15mins away from where coach sparano lived in new haven ct. if you know c.t. at all wooster street in new haven is the best pizza around. ask donald thomas!!!! anyway marcus is just coming into his own. he was always real small and real fast and sneaky good. last year he shot up to about 6`2"-6`3" 215. if you saw any uconn game you know who marcus is. he fisnished the year playing great after being elevated to the starting spot his senior year after the pitt game. i just wanted to throw his name out there because i know him personaly and this kid is going to be great. keep an eye out for him in draft forums and mocks. look for him to be anywhere from round 3 to round 6. just thought some of you would like to know a little about him. he has great work ethic and he was a walkon at uconn. too bad too he was their best wr on that team. he didnt really put it all together untill this year. hard working kid, just like sporano likes!:p4286: